Jennifer Lopez Keeps Her Rear End In Shape

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Friday night, “In a new interview, J.Lo says she spends hours in the gym maintaining her rear end. Because she loves hearing people comment on it. Yeah. Apparently the comment she hears most often is, ‘Let’s wait under J.Lo’s ass until it stops raining’.”

Filming Real-life Murder Mystery

October 14, 2005 – In ‘Bordertown’, Jennifer plays a reporter investigating the mostly-unsolved killings of hundreds of women in Mexico. It’s a story Jennifer told ‘Extra’ demands to be told: “There’s been an ungodly number of murders down there. It’s just lawless.”

Stomach Issues For Jennifer Lopez

October 9, 2005 – Sky News reports that Jennifer isn’t completely satisfied with her body image. “I’m very lucky: I’ve got good genes, and I’ve been athletic my whole life,” Lopez said. “I’m ahead of the game – I’m more in shape than I would be if I didn’t do what I did. But it’s tough, and I do have issues. My body is not what it used to be; my stomach is not flat. People are like, ‘Your stomach is flat!’ But I’m like, ‘It used to be really flat, like it was concave.'”

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