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Jennifer Lopez 'The Wedding Planner'

Jennifer Lopez was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to promote her new movie ‘Maid In Manhattan’ and new album ‘This Is Me… Then’. A couple of J.Lo sun hat wearing fans did a Q&A later where Lopez asked the fans questions about herself. Later, she, Ben Affleck, and the winner posed in the MTV photo booth. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: My first guest was here a few weeks ago to world premiere her new video we talked a bit about her engagement now spending the day with us to celebrate the release of her second album “this is me then” give it up for one of the biggest stars in the world, one of our favorites, Jennifer Lopez


Carson: Go easy on

[Inaudible] My guest.


Carson: — Very excited. A nice look at Jennifer Lopez. What ‘up?!


Carson: Congratulations.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Carson: Are you happy?

Jennifer: It’s out.

Jennifer: Everything is out there is nothing else to say, ha-ha.

Carson: Jennifer Lopez, everybody.


Jennifer: That’s it.

Carson: You really should, you know, you really need to sit down with your publicist. You are not getting enough press.

Jennifer: Oh, god.

Carson: I can believe you are paying somebody. You need to get out there a bit more.

Jennifer: Underexposed.

Carson: As an interviewer I don’t have anything to ask and you don’t have anything else to say.

Jennifer: the video.

Carson: How are you.

Jennifer: Good everything is good the album comes out today


Jennifer: I am so nervous.

Carson: Why?

Jennifer: I don’t know for this one it’s just like a little more personal to me the first time I feel like nerves and was sad when I finished recording the album and everything you know what I mean like a real special thing to me.

Carson: What did you do this morning.

Jennifer: This morning I went out to KTU In jersey, I went out to

[Inaudible] In the Bronx.

Carson: Still runnin’ around doin’ like last-minute P.R..

Jennifer: Uh-hu

Carson: Take a breezer for a second we’ll take a quick break miss Jennifer Lopez is here everybody we’ll chat about her new record and a lot more, I’m sure.


Carson: It’s the top 10 videos on trl and we’ll be right back, right after this:


Carson: Well, you see the crowds for Jennifer Lopez, our guest whose new album “this is me then” out today the people have flocked to New York just to catch a glimpse and we’ll spend time with her now as well as getting you through the top 10 most requested music videos in the country. You mentioned you are more nervous about this album I like the title, I don’t know, a sign for really thinking ahead.

Jennifer: Every time you sit down to do an album it always a lot about the time you are doing it what you are going through how you are feeling what kinds of music you really love at that time, the stuff you incorporate and stuff this one more than any other I really felt that. I was like 0 years in now when I show this to my kids I’ll be like this is mommy then when you listen to it you know you really feel like that time in my life.

Carson: Clearly mommy was diggin’ hip-hop at that time or I was writing — when do you write? You co-wrote most of the songs.

Fan: I love you Jennifer


Jennifer: Oh, my god.

Carson: They are crazy you scared the crap out of me actually. Don’t go that again. A maniac do you have to be locked in a room, kick everybody out.

Jennifer: No. A lot of times in the car but this year I did like three movies in a row and during that time like in the trailer I got to write I started writing last January.

Carson: Are you tired yet?!

Jennifer: Do I look tired?

Carson: No, you look like a million bucks no in the at all I don’t know how you do it. I got a couple jobs but what is your secret, just your —

Jennifer: I don’t know I get a lot of energy when I love the things I do. I don’t take on anything I don’t like. I don’t just do things to do things. I have to be really passionate.

Carson: How many hours do you sleep a night.

Jennifer: I try to sleep 6 or 7.

Carson: But on a night like this.

Jennifer: Last night was 4 but usually I try to get 8 because it is good for me.

Carson: Can I read this from track 5.

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah.

Carson: I just can’t control myself can’t be.

Jennifer: Oh, no.

Carson: You want me to stop.

Jennifer: No go ahead.

Carson: These are from track 5. I just can’t control myself can’t be with no one else seems I’m addicted to the way you like to touch me the name of the song is “Dear Ben”.

Jennifer: You love to embarrass me.

Carson: You are embarrassed he should be embarrassed.

Jennifer: You see that’s way meant this album is a bit more you know you are in the studio, you are there writing, all of a sudden the first time I played like 6 songs for the record company I was like oh, my god what have I done you know what I mean it was so out there.

Carson: Exposure at its finest.

Jennifer: Yeah. That’s what this is a bit more like I said special to me.

Carson: Will you be back on TRL for “maid in a minute minute”.

Jennifer: Probably in December yeah,.

Carson: That runs every 5 seconds on —

Jennifer: Crazy. Crazy. I have nothing to do with that, I’m sorry guys, ha-ha.

Carson: That’s okay. Let’s get to jay-z & Beyonce “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” at 7. And Jennifer Lopez has a little gift for somebody


Jennifer: How many of your guests do you dance with.

Carson: None. Listen.

Jennifer: We’ll get Carson to dance.

Carson: Does your boy have rhythm?

Jennifer: Yes.

Carson: You know what I’m sayin’.

Jennifer: Yes.

Carson: Soul goin’ on.

Jennifer: He’s got some soul he introduced me to soul music I didn’t know about.

Carson: What didn’t you know.

Jennifer: Old school

Carson: The roots.

Jennifer: Like King Curtis old but it’s so hot.

Carson: When I met him the first time at the beach house I didn’t know he likes hip-hop so much.

Jennifer: He really loves it and like snoop is his favorite I think I’m sorry baby fi told him the wrong one

Carson: He’s here, too.

Jennifer: He’s around.

Carson: Are people still crazy people like me asking you questions has it slowed down.

Jennifer: Not yet.

Carson: They are all up on you guys let them be happy and in love and take a breather. Does it drive you crazy yet.

Jennifer: It is kinda weird people are that interested you know what I mean? I thought like.

Carson: You are two of the biggest stars in the world so you understand it.

Jennifer: I know there is some interest but at the same time I felt like oh, we’ll just tell them they are engaged and they won’t be as interested but almost got crazier you know what I mean after I did that Diane Sawyer thing.

Carson: You said you were engaged the day before we scooped her.

Jennifer: You did.

Carson: For me this is new york.

Jennifer: I couldn’t lie to you, that’s why, you are my boy.

Carson: How are you guys gonna do like a wedding? H are you gonna try and — is there a deserted enough island

Jennifer: I don’t know.

Carson: Why don’t you guys get like a — what would be the plane bigger than a g-4.

Jennifer: Vegas.

Carson: And at cruising altitude where no one can be around.

Jennifer: I don’t know what we’ll do but whatever it is if our families are not there we’ll both northbound a lot of trouble so.

Carson: I don’t even want to get into that I have a little engagement gift for you, actually.

Jennifer: Oh, Carson should I open it now or.

Carson: Sure. Fine if you want to.

Jennifer: Is it private let me see.

Carson: No, no, no


Jennifer: You silly.

Carson: It’s get to is what it is, a matching TRL shirts for being and Jennifer


Carson: There you go you guys can wear those at night and have a pillow fight and think of us we have to get to no. 6 Mariah Carey “Through The Rain” more with Jennifer Lopez after this she’ll hook up a fan, too


I can make it through .

Carson: That’s Mariah Carey “through the rain” at no. 6. One of the many businesses that Jennifer here is involved with is the fashion line.

Jennifer: Yes.

Carson: I think we have footage we showcased the collection as they say in the fashion business on direct effect presents fashionably loud airing Friday November 29th at 7:00 P.M. You see a bit of that now.

Jennifer: Yes.

Carson: How involved in designing these clothes do you get.

Jennifer: Oh, my god.

Carson: What’s going on with her.

Jennifer: That’s a lot of girl to be in the j-lo bathing suit. It is wow look at Ginuwine what’s he up in there.

Carson: Clothes you like to wear or stuff like that.

Jennifer: Yeah it’s all stuff I would wear you know what I mean I don’t put anything in the line that’s — oh there’s a you know audience for something like that or customer for that I like more stuff that I would really wear and I’m you know go through phases of the stuff I like and I’m creatively nothing goes by without me seeing it you know what I mean I’m involved in the fit and the colors and –.

Carson: Very involved.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, yeah, creatively I am but the business side … but.

Carson: That’s just numbers and pushing pens. You brought a bit of a fashion show fashion for somebody here.

Jennifer: Yes, one of my suits for one of the girls here.

Carson: Very excited to receive it.

Jennifer: Do you like it.

Jennifer: I love it!

Carson: That’s a yes you also have a prize package somebody will win we’ll take a break now things are just heating up believe me a very nice prize Jennifer has to give to somebody we’ll have a little fun with that when we get back you have to see this Justin Timberlake video.

Jennifer: I want to see it.

Carson: It is unbelievable.

Jennifer: I heard about it.

Carson: We’ll speak with him about it as well more with Jennifer Lopez we’ll be right back


Carson: What ‘up Jennifer Lopez, our guest. “This is me then” the album out today a bunch of good albums out the top 10 most requested music videos here with Jennifer now. We have a huge, huge prize pack and were you nice enough to donate all this stuff.

Jennifer: Yes.

Carson: The winner here gets a picture with Jennifer in our closing booth out there, also an autographed life-size one for their homes and tickets for them and 20 friends to see a special screening of “maid in a minute machine “ai prize package worth I have no idea but our contestants how about a hand for ava and marina girls, nice hats.

Jennifer: Thank you very much.

Jennifer: She planned it.

Carson: Good this is easy you’ll have fun with this, 45 seconds on the clock Jennifer will read the questions if you don’t know you can say pass.

Jennifer: They are easy.

Carson: Whoever gets most out of 45 wins the deal.

Jennifer: If you don’t know say pass and I’ll go to the next as many as you can answer right.

Jennifer: You’ll give me time.

Carson: 45 seconds on the clock please begin now.

Jennifer: The title of my debut album.

Fan1: On the 6.

Jennifer: My new fragrance.

Fan1: Glow.

Jennifer: My character in the wedding planner.

Fan1: : Maria.

Jennifer: True or false I was this sister act.

Fan1: : False.

Jennifer: The track on the j-lo album.

Fan1: : I’m Real remix


Jennifer: What is my birthday.

Fan1: : What.

Jennifer: What is my birthday

Fan1: july 24th 1970.

Jennifer: In 2001 what was the no. 1 movie in America

Fan1: can you repeat it.

Jennifer: In00 1 when j-lo movie in america.

Fan1: Wedding Planner


Fan1: Oh, god pass.

Jennifer: Which nominated for the best dance recording in 2000


Carson: Not bad.

Jennifer: I was trying to give you the answer


Jennifer: I’m a cheater.

Carson: A total of 6 you definitely know your Jennifer Lopez trivia we’ll get to sum 41 at 5 “still waiting” on TRL.


Carson: Um 41 at 5 “still waiting” they were 7 yesterday. Marithdz a already wen trying to win jennifer’s prize package and got 6 on the game ava you are next the minute you beat 6 you win if you don’t know the answer pass but do what you want begin now.

Jennifer: The name of my remix album.


Jennifer: I was what on living color.

Fan2: Fly girl.

Jennifer: I lent my voice to what character in —


Fan2: Ants.

Jennifer: Finish don’t be fooled.

Fan2: Pass.

Jennifer: Featured on the I’m real remix.

Fan2: Ja rule.

Jennifer: True or false I attended an all girls catholic school.

Jennifer: How many videos on the trl countdown.

Fan2: Ooh16 pass.

Jennifer: Which nominated on the best dance recording.

Fan2: Selena


Jennifer: I participated on what marvin gaye remix.

Fan2: Oh, uhm.

Jennifer: What janet jackson video.

Fan2: Hmhm

Jennifer: The first video I ever had on trl


Carson: I believe that’s a tie.

Jennifer: It’s a tie you both have six what are the odds of that you just want somebody to win n’n’t you girls a tie breaker come here I have the tie breaker question we’ll give you this you need these to write down a numerical question for the jennifer lopez prize package.

Jennifer: Con trait.

Carson: Very well at 6. I’ll read you the question

Jennifer: Tie breaker you want to do it go ahead.

Jennifer: Okay ready this past February I broke a record for the first weeks sales of a remix album how mean albums did j to the l-o the remixes sell in its first week just as close as you can get.

Carson: The first week’s sales for the remix album.

Jennifer: Remember it’s a remix album.

Jennifer: Ohhh.

Carson: Let’s watch “Jenny from the block” and let you think about a number okay then we’ll come back here is jennifer lopez at no. 4.

Jennifer: That is so hard!

Jennifer: Carson TRL

Carson: Well there she is Jennifer Lopez “jenny from the block” at 4, it was 9 yesterday they knew you were coming on, did very good the question first week remix album the correct album is 156004 you are the winner you and 0 friends will check out “maid in manhattan” the new movie, special sneak screening, you get the autograph yr picture with jennifer and much more and you, coratulations thank you for ing here

Jennifer: Thank you so much.

Carson: You got it pick up the album in stores today “this is me then” Jennifer Lopez, everybody and buy a copy at if you’d like to

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