Jennifer Lopez Pulls Out Of ‘Jersey Girl’ UK Premiere?

The Sun reports has pulled out of an appearance in London to attend the UK premiere of ‘Jersey Girl’ – to avoid bumping into former fiance and co-star Ben Affleck. “J-Lo was far from happy about facing up to Ben in front of the glaring eye of the world’s media,” an insider said. “She wasn’t at all comfortable with the public expecting friction between her and the ex.” The Sun’s account flies in the face of what happened when the film premiered in America, where Lopez did absolutely no promotion for the film she only appears in briefly.

J.Lo Avoids Box Office Battle With Tom Cruise

May 26, 2004 – Us Weekly reports Miramax has reportedly shifted the release date of Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming film ‘Shall We Dance?’ back by two months – to avoid a box office beating by Tom Cruise’s ‘Collateral’. Both films were scheduled to open August 6th, but J.Lo’s film will now hit theatres on October 15th instead. “Miramax worried that women would pick Tom over Jennifer,” revealed a source at Miramax.

Sailors Battle To Become Jennifer Lopez’s New Fiance

May 25, 2004 – David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Monday night, “This is ‘Fleet Week’ here in New York. 4,000 sailors are visiting the city this week – and one of them gets to be J.Lo’s new fiance.”

Simon Cowell Wants To Buy Jennifer Lopez’s LA Home

May 22, 2004 – In Touch Weekly reports Simon Cowell is interested in buying Jennifer’s little used home in Los Angeles. “It’s a beautiful place on Mulholland Drive, and with all of his ‘Idol’ money, he could easily afford it now,” a pal revealed. “But he is trying to convince her to sell it to him for the right price. Jen bought it for $10 million and she wants to make a good profit.” Ever since her split with Ben Affleck, J.Lo has spent most of her time in Miami with new boyfriend Marc Anthony.

What Does Jennifer Lopez’s New Ring Mean?

May 16, 2004 – Us Weekly reports Jennifer is keeping people guessing wearing an engagement ring from on her left middle finger. “Yeah, he gave her a ring, and yeah, it’s an engagement ring, but they aren’t engaged,” a pal of Anthony told the magazine. Another Anthony pal added, “This [ring] is to tell the other guys, ‘Yo, step off. She’s spoken for’.” And a pal of J.Lo’s said, “She’s happier than she’s been in a long time. When they are ready to get married for real, she’ll be wearing a diamond on the ring finger and not her middle one.”

Pat O’Brien Comments On Bennifer Breakup

May 15, 2004 – ‘Access Hollywood’ host Pat O’Brien was on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ on Friday. Carson asked Pat if his show caused the breakup of and Ben Affleck with all the media attention. “No, you know what happened with that? We did the interview, obviously, with Ben and Jen — and the first time they did an interview together,” O’Brien said. “The media just jumped on that, and they just got caught in this hurricane of media. You know what it’s like. This hurricane of media, and you just can’t get yourself out of there. In all honesty, you can’t have a relationship in that situation.”

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