Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

Contributed anonymously:

insists she isn’t as physically perfect as people think – she hates her “skinny” ankles. In a new Glamour magazine expose on the singer and actress’ beauty secrets, J.Lo reveals she’s far from happy about her scrawny ankles. She says, “I don’t love my ankles. They’re too skinny!” But Lopez does know how to shimmer with style – it’s all about moisturising. She explains, “I moisturise my body and face whenever I get out of the shower, at night before bed and in the morning. Plus, I get at least eight hours of sleep a night. I don’t like the way my body feels otherwise.” J.Lo is launching a new beauty line in America next month, featuring a Renewing Body Exfoliator, Bronzing Body Moisturiser and Firming Curve Cream.

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