Jennifer Lopez Says Ben Affleck Is Genius Smart

tells InStyle magazine that her brainy fiance Ben Affleck wasn’t fooled by the rock that he got to propose to her. “I don’t think people know this about Ben, but he’s really smart. Genius smart,” J.Lo gushed. “He’s like a sponge. He reads everything. So with him, it’s not just going out and buying a ring. He has to find out how many different kinds of diamonds there are, and which are the best.” What did she think of his Harry Winston pink-diamond decision? “I like it because it’s rare,” Lopez said. “It’s an extraordinary stone you won’t see anywhere else.”

Insists Success Hasn’t Changed Her

December 16, 2002 – Success, Jennifer insists, hasn’t really changed her. “When you are from where I come from and how I grew up, you never feel like you have really achieved,” Lopez tells Sean Daly of Entertainment Today. “You always feel like you are struggling.”

Mom, Don’t Call Me J.Lo

December 16, 2002 – WENN reports has told her mother not to call her J.Lo. “I still like Jennifer or Jenny. J.Lo just caught on,” she said. “My mom has a problem with the J.Lo thing. I say, ‘Mom, don’t call me J.Lo.’ It’s like the other person. It’s not me. It’s the other celebrity person.”

Studio Is Pleased With Jennifer Lopez After ‘Maid’ Success

December 16, 2002 – Jeff Blake, president of worldwide marketing and distribution for Columbia spoke with the New York Daily News after Jennifer’s ‘Maid in Manhattan’ topped the box office over the weekend, bringing in $19 million, just enough to beat out ‘Star Trek: Nemesis,’ which made an estimated $18.8 million. “We’re extremely happy with our numbers,” said Blake. “To be No. 1 against a great franchise like ‘Star Trek’ is a real bonus.”

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