Jennifer Lopez Says ‘Maid In Manhattan’ Addresses Class Distinction

says her new film ‘Maid in Manhattan’ addresses class distinction in society and the importance placed on appearances. She tells the CBS Early Show that her character was conditioned to be invisible and not to have high aspirations. “Because to dream is to take a risk … Our parents were more like, you know, ‘Don’t take a risk. it safe. Be stable. Have stability in your life,'” explained Lopez. “That’s what we’re always taught from when we’re little. That’s what I was taught.” Read more.

Is Slimming Down For Third Wedding

December 11, 2002 – Star magazine reports Jennifer is on a crash diet for her upcoming wedding to Ben Affleck. During a party for kids who helped on her ‘Jenny From The Block’ video, Lopez sent someone out to get her a low-fat sandwich made with white albacore tuna packed in water – no mayo – and bottled water, while everyone else gobbled down Cuban cuisine – rice, beans, and fried bananas.

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