Jennifer Lopez Says She Wasn’t Very Popular In High School reports admits to not being so popular during her high school days. The diva admits, “I wasn’t the most popular girl in class, I had my friends, but I was comfortable with myself. There’s always those most popular girls and I wasn’t one of those.”

Unfazed By Sleazy Paparazzi Taunts

April 15, 2002 – Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun Times reports was swarmed by paparazzi after dining at the Ivy on Robertson in West Hollywood on Saturday. Even though they screamed terrible obscenities at her, attempting to get a bad facial reaction from the star, she acted as though they didn’t exist.

Jamie Kennedy Would Most Want To Prank Jennifer Lopez

April 14, 2002 – FHM spoke with Jamie Kennedy about who he’d most want to prank on his WB show, ‘The Jamie Kennedy Experiment’. The funnyman said, “I really want to prank a diva, but the problem would be getting them to sign the release. More than anybody, I think it would be Jennifer Lopez, because I could see her getting so angry. And that would make excellent television.”

Jennifer Lopez Virus Nasty, But Not Widespread

April 13, 2002 – reports the Jennifer Lopez virus that appeared late Thursday has created some controversy with antivirus companies. Attached to the e-mail is a file called JenniferLopez_Naked.jpg.vbs, while the subject line reads “Where are you.” While Panda Software issued a fix and alert Thursday, other vendors called it too slow-spreading to be dangerous.

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