Jennifer Lopez Sick Of Being Stalked By ‘Pathetic’ P. Diddy

The Mirror reports that when booked a table at the Bed restaurant in Miami on Monday, she booked tables to either side to keep away unwanted pests, namely Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, who has taken to following her around like a lovesick puppy. When the diva’s pals arrived first, they found that Diddy was already their, and phoned J.Lo to warn her. “She’s had enough,” reveals a source close to Lopez. “Jennifer thinks someone in her camp is leaking info to Diddy and telling him where she’s going to be. It’s pathetic. It’s like he’s trying to outdo her by showing up wherever she is, just to get her attention.” J.Lo stayed away from Bed thanks to the warning.

Jennifer Lopez And P. Diddy’s Belated New Year’s Toast

January 14, 2004 – In Touch magazine reports Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs and Jennifer arrived at the chic Opium Garden/Prive nightclub separately between 12:30 and 1 a.m. Monday morning with their entourages, but soon were sitting next to each other in the VIP section. “It was odd,” a source said. “Diddy had called ahead of time and said that he was coming with J.Lo. They arrived separately, but within moments of each other.” In their most intimate public moment, the hip-hop mogul and J.Lo were said to have clinked glasses in a toast. “[Diddy] made a new year’s toast for both of them,” the witness said. “There was no kissing or anything like that, but they definitely were both in good spirits in each other’s company.”

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5 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Sick Of Being Stalked By ‘Pathetic’ P. Diddy

  1. DJNY2AI3 says:

    I know this is bull since they were partying and all but why does the media always put J.Lo on a pedestal like she is gods gift to men. if anything she is more likely to follow Diddy around so she can make the news again.

  2. Hotstar says:

    It is from a British tabloid, of course it is bull. This is so ridiculous, two people break up and get along with each other so they have to be in love still or at least one of them does…..maybe it is something called friendship but tabloids can’t sell papers with that. Anyhow this is crap, plain and simple!

  3. fantasylover says:

    The reason why it is considered news that Jlo and Puffy party together is because Ben and Puffy DON’T get along! They have said snide remarks about each other to the press, and since Jlo has said that Puffy is so horrible and she is lucky to be rid of him, then that makes this even juicier news! Anyways, I agree that I don’t buy this crap at all. Puffy doesn’t seem to care about JLo just as much as JLo, and he isn’t the type to follow around ANY woman like a “love sick puppy.” And if he is following her around, then why is this the first time in years that we have heard of them being in the same spot?

  4. fpl says:

    That is sad they where so together and then they broke up and she got with Ben and she did not wanted anything to do with P Diddy any more that’s sad

  5. PL says:

    When did that happen!! Why does she tell people where she’s going anyways!!

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