Jennifer Lopez Snuffs Ben Affleck’s Hooters Air Bachelor Party

The Daily Star reports has banned Ben Affleck from attending a bachelor party organized by his brother Casey, because she didn’t want him flying on new airline Hooters, the startup airline which boasts busty semi-naked air hostesses. After a huge fight, Ben sent the $2000 ticket back to Casey.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Book A Band

March 10, 2003 – Stu Bykofsky of the Philadelphia Daily News reports spies say Jennifer and Ben have booked a New York band and DJ for June 28th, leading many to speculate that it is for their wedding — or at least a ploy to throw off the paparazzi.

Def Jam & J.Lo Owned Congo Room Hit With Lawsuit

March 9, 2003 – reports Def Jam and popular Latin dance club Conga Room, which is co-owned by Jennifer Lopez, were hit with a lawsuit by the mother of shooting victim Jerry Bonds, who claims there wasn’t enough security at the party where he was shot and killed.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Plot European Wedding

March 6, 2003 – The Boston Herald reports that rumors Ben and Jennifer have been back scoping out Trinity Church for their summer marriage are untrue. “They were here quite a while ago, but they haven’t been back,” said church spokesguy David Trueblood. The latest plan for the pair is planning a European wedding late this summer and that she wants a Catholic ceremony.

Jennifer Affleck Coming Soon

March 6, 2003 – Although no wedding date has been set, the issue of Us magazine on newsstands March 7th reports that if and when Jennifer and Ben Affleck marry, Lopez would assume Ben’s name, an honor that, coincidentally, neither of her previous husbands, Cris Judd or Ojani Noa, received.

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