Jennifer Lopez ‘The Reel Me’ DVD

Jennifer Lopez 'The Real Me' DVD cover

A photo of ’s new DVD and CD ‘The Reel Me’ is available on ahead of its November 18th release, where you can also pre-order.

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8 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez ‘The Reel Me’ DVD

  1. crunked says:

    Some of the other titles she should have considered are: The Skank In Me, The Fake Me, The Bitch In Me…etc.

  2. JLOVER101 says:


  3. jrtxtinafan44 says:

    ::says sarcastically:: oh my God gotta go by that! Yeah right. I got that this is me.. then CD because my sister’s friend burned it for her and my sis gave it to me.. I don’t listen to it.. it sucks

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    If you’re going to post something and try to sound intelligible at least know what a homonym is and that buy and by don’t mean the same thing you idiot!

  5. lopez_lover says:

    I already pre-ordered it ! Can’t wait to watch the DVD and hear new remixes, especially the one with R. Kelly :)

  6. grprincess says:

    You J.Lo fans (all 2 of you) are pathetic. No one likes J.Lo but you. She has no talent and she is an adulteress slut.

  7. funkdobeus says:

    J.Lo is so FAKE. She went 2 a private school and comes from a suburb not the projects. It’s been proven on a TV documentary about her, 4 God’s sake. Why are her fans so in Denial.

  8. JLOVER101 says:

    Jennifer prides herself in being from the Bronx, but there are some parts of the Bronx that are appropriate for Middle class families to live in, and there are others that are ridden by poverty and projects. (not that everyone in the projects is poor.) But Jennifer has never said she went to public school, and she never said she lived in the projects. So really WTF was your point?

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