Jennifer Lopez To Remake ‘Flashdance’?

Liz Smith of the New York Post reports has done such a good job in re-creating the look of ‘Flashdance’ in her latest video ‘I’m Glad’, that there is talk that J.Lo will remake the 1983 film playing the role of Jennifer Beals. Smith says, “Really, what would be the point? Although the sturdy Ms. Lopez might be a more convincing welder-by-day/dancer-by-night than the slight and delicate original star.”

Jennifer Lopez’s Good Vibes

April 24, 2003 – Chris Booker of Entertainment Tonight chatted with his girlfriend Lynda’s famous sister, Jennifer, on the set of her new Vibe magazine cover shoot. Asked how the diva can maintain her schedule, J.Lo says, “I have great people who I work with. Like the idea that I had last week is in motion and so I can think of new things this week!” But can she find time to sleep? “I want to sleep right now! You know, I take everything and prioritize in a certain way,” J.Lo explained. “I basically set my priorities and say this needs to be today, this can be done tomorrow … I need to do this, this has to be fit in. I just go day by day.”

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One thought on “Jennifer Lopez To Remake ‘Flashdance’?

  1. James says:

    She is too OLD to play that part. The girl that played that part was a 20 year old playing the part of an 18 year old JLO is freaken 40. I know she looks young for her age but she doesn’t look 18!

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