Jennifer Lopez To Sing ‘Sway’ Without Marc Anthony

Contributed by lopez_lover: According to Jennifer Lopez’s official site news from July 6th, the singer, despite Page Six’s gossip, recorded a cover of Dean Martin’s ‘Sway’ and it will be used as the end title for her new movie, ‘Shall We Dance’. Marc Anthony only produced this track which has an English and Spanish version and which will be available as a single later on this year.

Ben Affleck Comments On J.Lo & Marc Anthony Wedding

July 6, 2004 – Australian syndicated DJ’s Kyle and Jackie O recently caught up with Ben Affleck on an airplane phone to promote his film ‘Jersey Girl’. Ben also talked about Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony getting married, how they don’t have a “Bennifer” catchy nickname, being single, and working with Christina Applegate on his upcoming film ‘Surviving Christmas’. The 4-minute interview has since been removed from

Jennifer Lopez Purchases Ten Thousand Hangers

July 3, 2004 – Us Weekly reports Jennifer recently purchased a staggering 10,000 hangers from the Great American Hanger Company for her homes in Beverly Hills and Miami Beach. A pal said, “[They] both love clothes, so I’m not surprised.” J.Lo also is planning to have a whirlpool added to their Miami Beach home, which she bought two years ago for $9.5 million, and she has already purchased some custom drapes, “to ensure more privacy,” according to an interior design source.

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4 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez To Sing ‘Sway’ Without Marc Anthony

  1. Mr_IceFire says:

    These kind of articles are making artists looking like weird people. The public would say own look: that’s weird what’s she’s gotta do with 10000 hangers ?? What would you when you were a millionaire, I think the same weird thing. Many artists are when you met them really nice so don’t judge Britney, J-Lo, Beyonce, Christina because you don’t know them personally. What they buy is their business, it’s private we are only here to judge their movies/music etc.

  2. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    I wonder if she’ll also be singing it without the usual recording studio wizardry she usually has at her disposal. Nah, Epic knows the girl can’t sing to save her life. They’ll never let her record anything without it.

  3. MillyaBella says:

    They are such liars there, now saying she is coming out with Miami Glow trying to front she has a Latin connection. No one wants her, she should be ashamed by all the press releases that her camp puts out that end up being total lies.

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    The song was recorded with Marc, this is bull$hit. There were quite a few versions of this song recorded all produced by Marc, and one featuring Marc. They thought because of the success of “No Me Ames” they could have the same success again. However, now they don’t want to use it because of the wedding, which is understandable. The record label is just scared and is trying to do major damage control.

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