Jennifer Lopez Visits David Letterman

Jennifer Lopez David Letterman was on the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday to promote her new movie ‘Maid in Manhattan’ and promote her fragrances and lotions, which Dave managed to drink — perhaps he swapped the tube with something edible, as even Lopez tasted it. She also talked about fiance Ben Affleck and having another go at marriage. Read on for a transcript.

Dave: Our next guest has released this new cd, entitled ‘This is me, then’. And she stars in a film opening on Friday, Maid in Manhattan. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the lovely Jennifer Lopez. ( Applause) nice to see you. You look gray! ( Cheers and applause) you smell nice as well.

J.Lo: Is that right?

Dave: You always smell nice though.

J.Lo: Thank you so much. You know, I have my perfume now.

Dave: Your own line of perfume?

J.Lo: Yes. It was inspired by what I wear which is dauf is this it here? And the bottle is very evocative, don’t you think, very provocative?

J.Lo: Yes. But today, you smell it today, right, I’m working on a new fragrance.

Dave: What is this stuff over here then?

J.Lo: That’s the body lotion.

Dave: What do you do with the body lotion, exactly?

J.Lo: You rub it into your hands. Oh, Dave! Oh! ( Applause)

Dave: It’s not bad.

J.Lo: Tastes pretty good. ( Applause)

Dave: Yeah!

J.Lo: You’re a stud.

Dave: How, did you have thanksgiving, did you have a big Thanksgiving thing?

J.Lo: I did, I went to Vegas with the fam Dave it’s an old fashioned thing?

J.Lo: No, this is the first time we ever went to Vegas together.

Dave: Who’s in the family?

Well, me and Ben went.

Dave: Ben, Ben, Ben? Ben, come on, give it up.

J.Lo: Ben Affleck. ( Applause)

J.Lo: Dave and now, you’re going, you’re engaged to this guy, is that right?

J.Lo: Yes.

Dave: Is that all right, do you think?

J.Lo: I think it’s great.

Dave: I mean, you know him, right?

J.Lo: Yes, very well.

Dave: Because, you know, you and I have had this conversation before I know, but I told you, I can’t marry you.

Dave: Wait a minute! Why not?

J.Lo: Because I hear you have issues with that.

Dave: Issues? With what?

J.Lo: I don’t have issues with it.

Dave: Oh, you mean, yea, I was married once, and everything is fine with the marriage until it comes to an end and then ain’t so good. That develops your issues.

J.Lo: Yeah.

Dave: You know what I’m saying?

J.Lo: Yes, I do actually.

Dave: So you and your husband to be, Ben, and who else goes to Las Vegas?

J.Lo: My mother, grandmother, my aunt, my sister, her boyfriend, and my two cousins.

Dave: Sound like a pretty good group.

J.Lo: It was cute

Dave: And lots of gambling, like 24 hour crazy gaming?

J.Lo: Yes, because my whoa family loves to gamble. I don’t like to gamble.

Dave: So what do you do?

J.Lo: I won, that’s the thing in Vegas.

Dave: What game?

J.Lo: Black jack.

Dave: How much did you win?

J.Lo: I won, I won a lot of money.

Dave: What kind of money?

J.Lo: I almost lost though, because Bruce Willis was from, there was a lot! And people in town there was a big Rolling Stones concert.

Dave: Is that what people do at Thanksgiving?

J.Lo: Not really, but there was a big Rolling Stones concert there, and everybody was trying to get on me because I was wining and he tried to put his bet on mine and then tried to give the dialer the, and bounced back on him.

Dave: Like this, you give him that.

J.Lo: Yeah, the Maloika, it’s like getting the bad luck off of and you putting it on somebody else. Then I not I started losing, I was like, you, get out of here. So I got rid of him and then I won.

Dave: This is exactly what the pilgrims had in mind when they first came over. ( Applause)

J.Lo: I was very thankful!

Dave: Well, you couldn’t look lovelier. We’ll be right back with Jennifer Lopez, everybody.

Dave: You don feel well? You look great. Jennifer Lopez. Sum 41. None of this is any of my business, but let’s get back to this ben deal. Now, you’re getting married first of the year, rile?

J.Lo: No no no. We don’t have a date set yet.

Dave: See, now, I know you have a date set,.

J.Lo: We don’t, I swear to god.

Dave: You’re afraid I’ll show up.

J.Lo: No, that’s not it at all, we actually really don’t have a date yet.

Dave: So sooner rather than later, before labor day? After labor day? Labor day, you’re going to have it on labor day, why not get married on labor day?

J.Lo: One of those three.

Dave: How long have you known the guy?

J.Lo: We’ve known each other, we worked together like a year and couple months ago.

Dave: One of those things where it was like electricity from the first time?

J.Lo: No, not really.

Dave: More gradual?

J.Lo: Yeah.

Dave: What did you the first date?

J.Lo: There wasn’t really like a first date.

Dave: You have to have a first date or this whole thing will be annulled.

J.Lo: Oh, god, not again. ( Laughter) I don’t expect that with this one, this is different.

Dave: What do have you in common, what brings you, you know, because you gotta be good friend, in addition to being matter,.

Yes, that’s why it’s a good thing because we actually did become really good friends first and there was no kind of ideas that we were going to be anything beyond that.

Dave: No romantic pressure, you get to know one another. What kind of things do you do together as friends? ?

Dave: Yeah.

J.Lo: We do, just regular people things, go out, talk walks, go to movies.

Dave: You go shopping?

J.Lo: Go shopping, you know, just regular stuff. Go out to eat.

Dave: Do you use coupons when you shop?

J.Lo: I haven’t lately.

Dave: And this guy, oh, my god this is just like the luckiest man on the earth, don’t you think, that this Ben?

J.Lo: I think I’m pretty lucky too.

Dave: Really? Well, I suppose that’s a mutual perspective that’s helpful his circumstance.

J.Lo: Yes.

Dave: But, I mean, should somebody talk to him?

J.Lo: About what?

Dave: About, how lucky he is here?

J.Lo: I didn’t really think about it.

Dave: Do you want me to talk tom?

J.Lo: If you’d like to.

Dave: I’d be more than happy to. ( Applause) because you know, I want this to work.

J.Lo: Me too.

Dave: Because I feel like and you I have sort of a rap for here.

J.Lo: Yes, we do.

Dave: On this topic.

J.Lo: This is true, you always like to talk about what’s going on in my personal life Dave so you have consideration for your welfare.

J.Lo: That’s very sweet, thank you, Dave, I felt that from you every time I come here.

Dave: And so far everything been fine, no trouble?

J.Lo: Nothing, so far so good.

Dave: The first whiff of trouble, just… you want to tell people about the film, Maid in Manhattan. Paul explained I nicely at the top of the show.

J.Lo: Paul: I tried.

Dave: It open on Friday.

J.Lo: It does open on Friday.

Dave: Let’s show a slip. You know who’s in it, Amy Sadaris. Isn’t she a lot of fun?

J.Lo: She is hysterical, and in this scene she’s really funny. I’m helping Natasha pick out something to wear, and Amy is there.

Dave: Who else is in the film?

J.Lo: Ray Fiennes, Bob Hoskins, the premiere was last night. Ave: Ah!

J.Lo: We invited you, but you didn’t come.

Dave: Well, half of that is true. Let’s take a look. It opens… it… what’s the matter.

J.Lo: You’re bad.

Dave: No no, I was no invited. That’s the half. I was not invited sns that’s not true, you’re always invited to all my premieres.

Dave: But I got no comment. I get beat up, I show up without documentation, you gotta have your hand stamped or something.

J.Lo: They wouldn’t let you in, right?

Dave: You can’t like date now, right? (Laughter)

J.Lo: No, not now.

Dave: I mean, there’s no like dilitarized son or something like that? It’s pretty much wrapped up?

J.Lo: That’s it.

Dave: Yeah, okay. did we explain the scene?

J.Lo: Yeah, we did.

Dave: Let’s take a look.

J.Lo: Marea, what do you think?

J.Lo: Oh, what about the beaded skirt with that crocheted halt early have you in the closet, you know, casual, sexy, low stockings, sends. That send the wrong message. Besides that whole see through blouse colored bra thing, reads a little, you know, desperate, older gal, trying too hard, don’t you think? You want to make him work for it.

J.Lo: She shouldn’t talk to me like that.

J.Lo: Thank you, maria. I have two words for you Rachel, Eric who?

J.Lo: Excuse me. Sorry.

Dave: The fun begins!

J.Lo: Yeah.

Dave: It out Friday. And the CD is, brand new as well?

J.Lo: Yes. Just came out.

Dave: Good to see you again. Congratulations on everything.

J.Lo: Thank you, Dave.

Dave: Have a lovely rest of the year and enjoy the holiday season, and good luck when ever you do get married. And you know, I’m here if you need me.

J.Lo: Thank you.

Dave: Bye-bye.

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  1. Frank Rose says:

    I like the David Letterman show, but I find the constant applause after every comment he makes very annoying. Why is there so much applause in his show? It’s ridiculous!

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