Jennifer Lopez Wannabe Butt Implants Lose Their Luster

The National Enquirer reports that plastic surgery patients are no longer flocking to get butt implants in an attempt to replicate Jennifer Lopez’s ample rear end. “Hollywood thrives on youthfulness and influences how people all over the world judge beauty. And we’re always surprised by our patients’ top picks of celebrity features,” said Dr. Richard Fleming, co-director of the Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. “Jennifer Lopez’s lips are still considered appealing, but last year everyone wanted her butt – which now, no one ever asks for. That was last year’s look. While a huge percentage of patients want to look like the strong ‘classic beauties,’ such as Catherine Zeta- Jones and Charlize Theron, there are always those who request to look like the celebrities who might not be classic beauties, but are hot at the moment.”

Jennifer Lopez’s Got A Younger And Hipper ‘View’

March 1, 2004 – The New York Post reports Jennifer has tapped style guru Robert Verdi, the current co-host of ‘Surprise by Design’ on the Discovery Channel, to be part of her upcoming morning chat show. Verdi will join J.Lo’s sister, Lynda Lopez, former WBLS deejay Egypt and one yet to be named co-host for a “younger, hipper, cooler” answer to ‘The View’ to be syndicated by Universal Television.

Does Ben Affleck Prefer Poker To Jennifer Lopez?

February 27, 2004 – Now that Ben has split up with Jennifer, he appears to be on a gambling spree, often stays right through the night at casinos. One of his friends tells the Daily Mail, “He has been at the tables an awful lot since things started going bad with Jennifer. You can get an incredible high from playing cards and there is no doubt this is his latest obsession. He has got more money than he knows what to do with, so if he loses a quarter of a million it doesn’t matter.”

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One thought on “Jennifer Lopez Wannabe Butt Implants Lose Their Luster

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    I don’t understand why anybody would go through such a big extreme to make a body part bigger with plastic… it seems like a pointless and pretty selfish way to toy with the human body in ways that can be dangerous and unhealthy later on.

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