Jennifer Lopez Was Smoking Phony Cigarette, Says Rep

Jennifer Lopez’s rep spoke with Us Weekly about a recent photo which showed the singer smoking a cigarette on the set of her new film ‘El Cantanate’ in New York City. “That was a prop cigarette,” the rep said. “Jennifer does not smoke.”

J.Lo’s ‘Carmen’ Project Unlikely To Get Off The Ground

December 31, 2005 – Jennifer Lopez’s hopes to star in a flashy film musical version of ‘Carmen’ appear to be dashed after an attempt to find investors in the $50 million project has been futile. “‘Carmen’ is on its last legs,” director Taylor Hackford admitted. “We want to do a tough, hard version, but Hollywood thinks the audience [for Jennifer Lopez] is 13-year-old girls. … It has an ending that Hollywood does not like to make.”

Elaborate Police Sting Catches J.Lo Extortionist

December 28, 2005 – Us Weekly’s Katrina Szish spoke with ‘Extra’ about the failed extortion of and husband Marc Anthony, which saw Tito Moses, a convicted murderer, and Steven Wortman, a retired postal employee, arrested when they thought they’d be picking up $150,000 from the couple. “The wedding video was on Marc’s laptop computer and stolen from his car in October,” Szish revealed. “It was the ultimate extortion plot, or so these guys thought.” The payoff was scheduled for Tuesday in Manhattan, but “the cops were waiting and promptly arrested them,” Szish said. “They were so shocked because they thought they were going home with all that money.”

Wedding Tape Case Cracked In New Jersey

December 28, 2005 – WCBS-TV reports Tito Moses, 31, of Newark and Steven Wortman, 40, from Sayreville, New Jersey were busted on Tuesday (December 27) for stealing Marc Anthony’s Cadillac, which had a laptop and June 2004 wedding video inside. Wedding pictures are on that laptop, and cops say the two men were negotiating with people they thought were Anthony’s legal advisors to give it back.

‘Access Hollywood’ Names Top 10 Newsmakers Of 2005

December 26, 2005 – ‘Access Hollywood’ has named their ‘Top 10 Newsmakers Of 2005’ based on mentions on the program in the past 12 months, with topping the list due largely to his acquittal on child molestation charges. At #3 was Britney Spears, while pop rival Jessica Simpson came in at #5. Jennifer Lopez had a rough year musically with ‘Rebirth’, but still made the countdown at #8.

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2 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Was Smoking Phony Cigarette, Says Rep

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    #3 Britney Spears because she cant seem to get publicity for things such as talent.. she has to rely on silly antics. Oh crap RPL is going to have a fit… too bad its true!

  2. Babar says:

    Its a good thing J.Lo. steers clear of any sorts of drugs. Plus their explanation is logical. I mean she had to pose smoking for Pirelli too (and boy is it HOT) that didn’t mean she smokes.

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