Jennifer Lopez Will Never Be Anorexic

A few female stars talked to Famous magazine, and they spoke about staying fit and getting into shape for roles.

said, “I’ve always been into sports. I did gymnastics, competed nationally in track and was on the school softball team. Now I work out with a trainer doing aerobic and weight exercises. I don’t believe in beating yourself up. I have egg whites in the morning, carbs for lunch and a salad for dinner. I keep fit and look after myself but I’m not going to be anorexic, never.”

said, “I love stretching and sit-ups but if I exercise too much my legs get bigger. Dancing makes me leaner, and I do yoga every day. When I’m working, I go for high-energy foods, like cereal, Caeser salads and soups.”

Frances Forces Jennifer Lopez To Fly Coach

September 12, 2004 – Us Weekly reports that when Jennifer Lopez fled South Florida in wake of Hurricane Frances on September 2nd, she wasn’t playing her usual role of diva. The singer/actress settled for a coach ticket on an American Airlines flight. “She was freaking out,” a source revealed, “and didn’t care how she got out of there!”

Jennifer Lopez Is Ready For Motherhood

September 12, 2004 – In Touch magazine reports that Jennifer Lopez is eager to have children with hubby . “Jennifer can’t wait to be a mom and knows it won’t be long now,” a friend of the singer/actress revealed. “It has always been the one goal in life she’s strived for.” When she is a mother, the friend added that J.Lo may bow out of the limelight. “She doesn’t want all these crazy outside factors taking away from the beauty of it all,” the pal added.

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3 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Will Never Be Anorexic

  1. hellahooked says:

    Unlike others (hint: could pass as an mop back in 2000) Britney doesn’t need to shove her fingers down her throat. She works out for her nicely toned body and eats healthy. How could you call her fat? Are you blind? Have you not seen recent pictures of her? She’s so thin.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    Those quotes are probably old. It’s funny how they bring these quotes up about how celebrities work out and eat healthy, yet their recent pictures and such don’t show that they’re THAT dedicated to their health and workout regiment. Not that I am saying J.Lo and Britney are fat cows or something, but I doubt that they always stick to those routines with their busy schedules and stuff.

  3. pop_fan24 says:

    Of course J.Lo won’t be anorexic, she’s comfortable with her body and she loves her curves, hell I love her curves too, lol. Britney looks good with bigger legs, I mean probably not too big, but she has great legs none the less. Btw, neither J.Lo nor Britney are fat, just lay off of that. Britney may not be as toned as she normally is, but she is way way way far from fat, and as you saw at the vma’s J.Lo isn’t fat either, she looks damn good (that hat tho, needs to go).

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