Jennifer Lopez Working On Show Tunes Album?

A source tells Neil Sean of Sky News that is planning a more showgirl/show tunes type album for her next release after disappointing sales of ‘Rebirth’. “She is playing with all kinds of styles but so far has recorded the film noir 40s song ‘Through with Love’,” the studio source revealed. “It’s very smoky jazz style.”

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7 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Working On Show Tunes Album?

  1. Starlet01 says:

    I’m not sure that’s such a great idea, what if a lot of her fans don’t like show tune music. Besides she more known for doing r&b/pop songs. She should stick to what she knows. And consider promoting her album properly.

  2. Vanity87 says:

    Isn’t that something like what Christina’s doing?

  3. Potrzebie says:

    Maybe she figures if Queen Latifah can do it ..

  4. EdwardAlex says:

    I don’t think so.. she was only dressing that way for a tour that never happened

  5. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    Yeah, it actually is. Christina is planning/recording a…j’, ‘jazz/blues album that’s supposed to be released later this year. The only difference is that Christina can actually sing songs from this genre, while Jennifer should only stick to her overproduced commercial pop and pseudo r&b style

    Queen Latifah is actually capable of holding a note. Jennifer can’t sing at all.

  6. DarkLord says:

    I believe Kylie Minogue was also planning a jazz/showgirl album, her tour was even called “Ultimate Showgirl”…If you look at J.lo’s “Rebirth” artwork, it is very similar to Kylie Minogue’s artwork for her “Body Language” album…J.lo needs to go back to doing latin/dance songs.

  7. popfan_23 says:

    Oh dear God no, when will she learn to do the songs that suit her voice?

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