Jennifer Lopez: You Can’t Have A Career And Be A Good Mother reports that is considering quitting her music and movie career to become a mother. “Either you are going to be a bad mom and be a really good career woman and wife, or a good mom and career woman and bad wife, or a good mom and a good wife and your career is going to suck,” J.Lo explained.

The entire story at has since been removed.

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4 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez: You Can’t Have A Career And Be A Good Mother

  1. Vanity87 says:

    Excuse me but my mother is a good wife, mother & career woman! Speak for yourself, Jennifer! It’s so easy for these rich celebrity women to just stop working & become full time mothers because of the millions they have stashed away in the bank but alot of mothers have to work in order to feed their children & what their husbands bring in might not be enough to feed the whole the family or the mother might be single & have to pay the bills herself, so for these women to prance around saying you have to quit your job or you’re a bad mother is bullsh**!

  2. babygigolo says:

    She’s always making these stupid comments that maybe don’t seem like much at first until u actually think about what she’s really implying. Like saying she doesn’t have bad habits like the everybody else does to fall back on, like smoking or drinking, so she just has to suffer when she’s stressed, or saying she’d just love to tour but she’s too busy with movies. Like somebody’s standing beside her with a gun to her head telling her to keep making movies. In actuality, the real dilemma is two things: commerce of course, and hearing her real voice on stage, where you’re actually “working” to sell albums night after night and there’s a possibility her backing track might ***** up. But what artist in their right mind would think they could release an album and then not tour? She’s gotten away with it for awhile, but generally most artists who have a flop album don’t go make a movie, they get their ass out on the road. And if what she said is actually true, then I’m sure she’d be a great mother right now.

  3. ihatehilary says:

    lucky for her her career is over so she won’t have to choose!

  4. spinspinsugar says:

    Oh whatever. Her and Marc Anthony are thinking about having children so look who’s gonna be a bad parent then. If she has children and thinks shes the number one mother she’s a hypocrite then.

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