Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday Charity Donation reports that for her 35th birthday, Jennifer Lopez stunned pals by asking them to donate money to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles instead of buying her gifts. “Is this he same Jennifer who spent all her free time racking up expensive birthday gifts from ex Ben Affleck, including a five-carat ring and a Bentley convertible,” a friend asked.

What Is Everyone’s Problem?

August 15, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: What is wrong with the people on this site? I don’t understand the point of all the little battles over artists. Like Mariah Carey vs. Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera, ect. All these artists are talented in the own way. What’s wrong with enjoying them all? May I also address the annoying haters who live to trash not just their chosen artist but that artist’s fans? That’s what happens in all the commentary following any story, essay, review, etc. People post a comment someone else challenges it and it becomes a battle for the best come back and the reason we are able to comment at all is lost. To give our personal opinion about the article. The majority of you also need to realize that disagreeing with someone isn’t reason to lash out against them. As much as I’d like this essay to stop all the childish behavior it won’t but if it makes a single person think for a minute about acting civilized than my purpose for writing it has been fulfilled.

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One thought on “Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday Charity Donation

  1. MillyaBella says:

    All she did was ask others to donate IN HER NAME! Also Fonda & Vartan did not attend her birthday party if you can call it that J.SLUT CRASHED the wrap party for Monster In Law! No celebs went to her lousy party nor gave her gifts. I have read NOWHERE of any actual donation(s) made to the charity.

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