Jennifer Lopez’s Butt Too Big For Pepsi Ad Outfit

The Daily Star reports filming on Jennifer Lopez’s Pepsi advertisement was delayed after the diva couldn’t fit into her skimpy costume. “Not surprisingly, there were lots of volunteers for that job,” a set insider explained. There were all these people ready to get on with the work when we realized there was a problem. Basically, J.Lo’s bum was just too curvy for the outfit and we had to make sure the costume fitted her before we could start filming.” Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles, who teamed up with J.Lo and soccer star David Beckham on the ad, was able to fit into her outfit. The insider added, “Beyonce fitted into her costume easily but J.Lo just couldn’t squeeze in.”

Teams Up With Kanye West

November 13, 2004 – reports that new Jennifer’s single ‘Get Right’ will be featuring rapper Kanye West. The song (which is the first single from J.Lo’s untitled album) will hit the radio stations early next month.

Beyonce And Snub Coldplay

November 9, 2004 – The Daily Star reports Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer asked to be partitioned from Coldplay at a recent studio recording session in London where they were taping a Pepsi advertisement. A source at the studio complained, “They were making a huge fuss about making sure no one could hear them and insisted on having a huge partition put up between their area of the studio and Coldplay’s. It’s ridiculous – all the recording suites are sound-proofed anyway.”

Jennifer Lopez’s Pregnancy Hopes In Jeopardy

November 6, 2004 – In Touch magazine reports that Marc Anthony’s reluctance about having more children is putting wife Jennifer’s dreams of becoming pregnant in jeopardy. “He asked Jen to understand his hands are full with three children,” a friend revealed. “And said he wanted them to hold off before having their own. Marc loves Jen too much to burst her baby bubble. But he doesn’t want to be overwhelmed.” But don’t look for J.Lo to just go along with Marc. “Jen has not given up on her dream of having four kids with Marc,” the friend added. “She just doesn’t talk about those numbers around him any more.”

Dress Bonanza For

October 31, 2004 – The Mirror reports Jennifer was sent a load of swanky clothes from MaxMara in hopes she could attend the store’s London launch, but the diva couldn’t make it. A store insider explained: “We sent Jennifer thousands of pounds-worth of dresses and were thrilled when we heard that she liked them. Unfortunately, her filming over-ran so she couldn’t make it… but she’s still got the frocks.”

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3 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez’s Butt Too Big For Pepsi Ad Outfit

  1. WaneInTheZone says:

    Jennifer Lopez is a true ‘Fashion Icon’, Always in demand by top designers. I love her impeccable style. I find it hilarious when Christina Aguilera and her noble servants proclaim her to be a ‘Fashion Icon’, Take notice of a real Latin’ woman in charge you imbeciles.

  2. Mr_IceFire says:

    I think stupid when “the mirror” tries to sell us the old “J-Lo is a diva” story.. I don’t believe it.. when she did the Louis Vuitton ads there where nonsense about here stealing clothes, the media has nothing to talk about that’s why they make up such stories this article = >>> BULL

  3. maryfingsunshine says:

    It was more than just her ass that couldn’t fit, have you seen how fat she’s gotten? I saw her in a picture recently and her fat rolls were visible through her dress, I was LMAO!

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