Jennifer Lopez’s New Lingerie Collection

Contributed by lopez_lover:

Sweetface Fashion Company and The Warnaco Group, Inc. announced today they have signed an exclusive, worldwide licensing agreement to market and produce the new collection of ‘J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez’ Lingerie. The ‘J.Lo by Lingerie’ collection will launch in Fall 2004. As with all ‘J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez’ products, the lingerie collection is inspired by the singer and actress’ sense of fashion and style.

“Our goal as a lifestyle brand is to dress our consumers from head-to-toe with products inspired by Jennifer, and lingerie will be an integral part of the J.Lo look,” said Denise Seegal, President and CEO of Sweetface Fashion Company.

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4 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez’s New Lingerie Collection

  1. Fausto-A says:

    Yet another J.Lo flop, why can’t she learn!

  2. JLOVER101 says:


  3. Homertime says:

    Well of course she has a “unique” fashion sense. She doesn’t wear normal clothes, not because she doesn’t like, but because she can’t. Her clothes have to be specially made to accommodate her rhino-sized ass. Let’s just hope her lingerie won’t be like parachute pants to the normal sized woman.

  4. funkdobeus says:

    I’m glad was a flop and so was the song for GIGLI it was such a flop I can’t even remember what it was called.

    “Jennifer’s unique sense of fashion and style” LOL, OMG I’m gonna piss my self laughing, her clothes are so bad not even she wants to wear them + have you seen the stuff she’s been bopping out with ? It’s no wonder they take the piss out of her clothes in Europe, explains why she doesn’t sell it there. I’m glad it was a flop and so was the song for GIGI it was such a flop I can’t even remember what it was called and not to mention GIGI it self (voted 1 of the worst Movies of all time by movie goers across the world, it didn’t even make the top 18 in most countries on it’s released. Cinemas across the U.K stopped playing it after 1 week because no one went to see it.

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