Jennifer Lopez’s New & More Homely Management Team

The New York Post reports that after landing her roles in ‘Shall We Dance’, which Page Six says bombed, and ‘An Unfinished Life’ and ‘Monster-In-Law’, which aren’t expected to do much better according to Page Six, Jennifer Lopez ditched Endeavor agent Patrick Whitesell for a team at ICM headed by Toni Howard and Jeff Berg. Controlling hubby Marc Anthony is reportedly happy with the move, since she won’t have anymore contact with the handsome Whitesell.

Marc Anthony’s Making Many Decisions In J.Lo’s Life

January 30, 2005 – Friends tell In Touch magazine that Marc has been pressuring wife Jennifer Lopez to bow to his demands, convincing the diva to sell her homes in Miami and Los Angeles. In a rare move where Lopez insisted on getting her way, Anthony was upset with the results of her new ‘Get Right’ video. “Marc still sees ‘Get Right’ as Jenny from the block stuff,” a pal revealed. “It’s young-sounding for him and something he doesn’t see Jennifer doing for long.” The source added, “When they work together, it’s all about Marc. It’s the way he sees it or hears it. And, even though Jennifer is good at standing up for herself, she does back down a lot.”

Jennifer Lopez Praying For Pregnancy

January 29, 2005 – In Touch magazine reports that in an effort to boost her pregnancy chances, Jennifer has created a shrine at her Long Island home featuring a 17-inch Our Lady of Guadalupe – a Mexican rendering of the Virgin Mary. “Praying to the saint was her mom’s idea,” a family source explained. “A year ago, Jen would have said, ‘No way.’ She’s desperate and is praying for a miracle.”

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5 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez’s New & More Homely Management Team

  1. MillyaBella says:

    Everyone PRAY and counter hers. SAVE AN INNOCENT CHILD from having that WHORE… For a “Mother”. Lord the way Marc treated his sons, ABANDONING them for a piece of Sloppy Seconds after Ben….the child wouldn’t stand a chance in their home.

  2. hooker says:

    I second that emotion. And, even so, if, they gonna have a child, there’s no guarantee, for Marc and J.Lo marriage will really last. I’m not mistaken, his second son, was just 5 months only, when he abandoned them, in exchange of Whorepez. That, alone, I don’t think, he’s a good father. Wasn’t it, he also abandoned his child with that policewoman, whom he fathered? It’s already, a pattern of him, eh. I swear to God, I’ll never take this person back, because, because, if, I decide, I don’t change my decisions, in just a Sec, that’s firm and final. It’s true, “repentance comes last.” Sorry, but, Marc has to pay the rest of his life. Better stick to as husbands #3, you both fit together, really. One is a baby maker by different women, one is a renowned ‘Ho’.

  3. BluZeta04 says:

    He didn’t abandon anyone. Him and Dayanara had been separated for ever. Besides he still spends time with the, he is just not with their mother. And as for his daughter, she visits them too. Spent a lot of last year on the set with J. Lo of “Monster in Law”. I hope she does have a baby, maybe that would make her happy.

  4. Mable says:

    When you willfully cheat on your wife and the mother of your children and give her no choice but to file for a divorce. Causing a breaking up of your family home, and the separation from your children. How can he be with his children when he’s following Lopez all over the world, and has her under a 24 hour watch! If he knew he did not want to be with his wife, he should have NEVER had children with her, or he could of at least had the decency to stop whoring around while his little boys were so young, and needed their father the most! He is an absent father because another woman is more IMPORTANT than the feelings of those little boys whose family life he has DESTROYED!

  5. Mehrunisa says:

    Who gave all you “perfect saints” the right to pass judgement on other people lives? Nobody is perfect and every one makes mistakes in their lives, even celebrities. Live your own life right and stop dissing and gossiping about other people lives.

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