Jennifer Lopez’s Writing Credits For ‘All I Have’

Contributed by SJ:

For some reason, is credited as a writer for her hit single ‘All I Have’ with LL Cool J but after reading the entry for the song in a official Billboard book, i highly doubt J.Lo’s writing abilities.

In the entry for the song in the official Billboard book it says “…McPherson got together with producer Ron G, who came up with a new track that sampled, ‘Very Special.’ “It took me one day,” says Ron G. “One day to do the track and a day to mix it in my studio.”…With little time to spare, Riddick and her writing partner, Curtis Richardson, wrote the lyrics in 15 minutes. “That’s a very personal song,” says Riddick. Curtis and I were both going through something when we wrote it.”…Lopez hadn’t yet heard the song when Rooney approached LL Cool J about guest starring on the track….”He agreed to do it, and then we let Jennifer hear it. She was one of the last people to hear the record. She said it was a great song and she couldn’t wait to do it.” Lopez was in Philadelphia filming a movie, so she drove to New York City to meet up with LL Cool J and record the song with Rooney at the Hit Factory.”

In the end, McPherson and Ron G did the music/sample, Riddick and Richardson wrote the lyrics and J.Lo, well she just sang the song.

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6 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez’s Writing Credits For ‘All I Have’

  1. crunked says:

    Duh…J.Ho never actually does anything…she just thieves other peoples work!

  2. FayeW says:

    You can get a writer’s credit for a song if you write just one line or even change a line. She probably just changed something around and that’s why her named is listed as a writer.

  3. MariahsMan says:

    J Lo a songwriter?????? Scariest thing I’ve heard this Halloween.

  4. MusicHomme says:

    The greatest thing that Lopez ever wrote is probably a grocery list .. that is if she can spell difficult words like tea… hmm.

  5. joxee says:

    Give the girl a break she has the talent, she can write music too. One of the best example of that is DEAR BEN, it has a very touching lyrics for Ben.

  6. masquerader says:

    Are you trying to say that “Love is life and life is living” part is not a complete song??? I was wondering the way to get it. Please if someone knows, mail me !!!! After that part… the atmosphere get shrinked. Someones were born to sing… someones don´t. She doesn’t!

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