Jennifer Love Hewitt Buys A Bed For Matt Damon

Matt Damon received a bed from Jennifer Love Hewitt, the actress revealed. “There was this article and it was about Matt Damon, and he was saying that he works so much that he doesn’t feel like he has a bed of his own anywhere. And it really struck me as this sort of sad thing,” Hewitt explained, according to “I was like, ‘He’s famous and he’s so cute and he’s Matt Damon and he should feel like he has a bed.’ It just made me sad. So I sent him a bed. I sent him an AeroBed and a comforter and sheets. I wrote in there that I was a huge fan and that I wanted him to travel with it and feel like he had a bed wherever he went. I never heard back from him. I have [seen him since] and he’s kind of looked at me a little weird.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Hopes Kate Moss Gets Help

September 24, 2005 – World Entertainment News Network reports that Jennifer Love Hewitt believes H&M did Kate Moss a favor by dropping her as the company’s spokesmodel following photos of the supermodel doing cocaine appeared in The Mirror.

“I have to say that I think maybe they did her a favor, and maybe she’ll actually get help,” the actress/singer said. “Coffee’s one thing, but coke is another. It’s not something you want to really have as a problem in your life. I think we have to kind of stop rewarding bad behavior and actually start helping people. You know when you’re out in public that there are gonna be people who watching you, so you should just try to act like somebody that you would wanna be proud of if they got a photo of you. Not that you should always feel like you’re always working, but it goes with the job, I think.”

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