Jennifer Love Hewitt Confronts Ex Carson Daly On ‘Last Call’

Jennifer Love Hewitt visited ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ on Tuesday (December 13), promoting her CBS hit ‘Ghost Whisperer’. The ex-lovers, who split under bad terms, exchanged several remarks related to their romance and who’s fault it was that it ended. Love Hewitt said to close the interview: “Can we just say that, for the time being, no matter what happened, I was a really good girlfriend to you and you were a great boyfriend, and that…” Carson then interrupted, “The latter is so true. The first part is definitely true, but…” She then said, “We had a lot of fun, and it was a good time in our life. So we should end it like that.” Carson, who was dumped via a press release, countered, “It was. It ended a little weird. I got to be honest. A little weird.” Jennifer conceded, “It did, but that doesn’t matter.” For more on their banter, read on for a transcript.

Carson: All right. Are we ready? Are you guys ready to play a little music for our guests to come out? I don’t know why I have questions. I don’t know where this is going to go, but here we go. Seven years ago in New York, our first guest fell victim to the charms of a strapping, young MTV video jockey. A courtship ensued. His name was Kurt Loder.

[ Laughter ] Since then, she’s gone on to much bigger and better things, including starring in the hit CBS show “Ghost Whisperer.” Here she is,
the lovely Jennifer Love Hewitt. Love?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: How are you? Thanks for being here. My hands are freezing.

Jennifer: How are you?

Carson: You look fantastic. You look great.

Jennifer: Thanks, so do you.

Carson: It’s great to have you here.

Jennifer: Thanks. Congratulations on your baby.

Carson: Thank you, thank you. I’m very excited. I’ve had a lot of time to think about you being here, and I’ve had a chance to go through some things. And I think I just want to start here, and I don’t want it to be weird for you. But I think it’s important that I say this. I think it’s about time we start seeing other people.

[ Laughter ] I don’t know how you feel, but i just feel like the time’s right.

Jennifer: Really? Really?

Carson: Yeah.

Jennifer: Okay.

Carson: Like, if you want to jaunt off on your own, I’m cool with that.

Jennifer: Okay.

Carson: Just want you to know.

Jennifer: I really appreciate that.

Carson: Do you?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Carson: You’re cool with that?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Carson: You’re not gonna fight me on it?

Jennifer: No, I’m not.

Carson: Okay, good.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: I’m not.

Carson: It’s been a long time.

Jennifer: How are you doing?

Carson: I’m doing good. How are you?

Jennifer: Good.

Carson: You look great.

Jennifer: Thanks.

[ Laughter ] You, too.

Carson: Thanks.

Jennifer: Last time I was on your show, interesting things happened.

Carson: That’s right. When was the last time you were on? Was that the first time I met you?

Jennifer: Yeah. You said seven years ago. It was ten years ago. So not a lot’s changed with you, as I can see.

[ Audience oohs ]

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Do we have the guest ejector seat set up? Whoo! When was the first time? You came on, and that’s when I met you. And that’s when you fell in love with me, right? At the MTV show?

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: Yeah.

Carson: Is that what happened?

Jennifer: Pretty much instantly.

Carson: Yeah, that was fun.

Jennifer: Uh-huh.

Carson: Well, it was like when you and I were, you know, going steady and hanging out a lot.

Jennifer: Steady?

[ Light laughter ]

Carson: I knew — I gave you my lettermen’s jacket and you wore it.

Jennifer: Yeah, I was pinned.

Carson: You were pinned.

Jennifer: Uh-huh. Don’t, don’t.

Carson: No, I waited for a good two months.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: This is like — this is your life.

Carson: Yeah, it is. It is. You’re a sweetheart to be here.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Carson: Well, let’s just try and get a little catch up here, ’cause I haven’t really talked to you much since, well — ten years, you said, now.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Carson: So how’s “party of five”?

[ Laughter ] How’s that? Is that still going?

Jennifer: No, it’s cancelled.

Carson: No, it was? Okay. And then you had the other show —

Jennifer: Cancelled.

Carson: “Time of your life.”

Jennifer: Cancelled.

Carson: Cancelled.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Carson: Wow.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Carson: That didn’t have anything to do with me, though. Right?

Jennifer: A little.

Carson: Okay.

Jennifer: Yeah, emotional breakdown.

Carson: When I — the last image I have of you is that you were doing so well, and then a couple of these cancellations happened. Was that swallowing a piece of humble pie there?

Jennifer: It was, yeah. I mean, I think it was — you know, it was interesting because I was on “party of five,” and the show instantly did well. I joined in the second year. It was just lovely people, and i instantly was like, you know, a teenager who had the world at her feet.

Carson: Right.

Jennifer: And then turned 21, and “time of your life” got cancelled. And suddenly, you know, I was begging people to say hello to me. I was like, “hello, it’s me. I was on ‘party of five.'” No, it wasn’t that.

Carson: You did. You went from being just, like, uber, uber, uber famous, especially in the teen crowd.

Jennifer: It has its ups and downs, and I’m really grateful for the downs, because now I’m on a great show that’s doing, luckily, very, very well. And I appreciate it more now ’cause I know what it’s like to have both. I know what it’s like to have something that’s really good and something that’s heartbreaking, and you just — I’m much more grateful.

Carson: “Ghost whisperer,” when the show came up, how did that happen? Did you just go audition for a big sitcom? Did you know it was going to be huge?

Jennifer: They said it was a drama.

Carson: Right. I know it’s a drama.

[ Laughter ] When I see you on — I just laugh. You know, it’s a situational comedy to see you talking to ghosts.

Jennifer: He’s cute.

Carson: It’s hilarious. I’m like, “I know her. She can’t really talk to ghosts.”

Jennifer: I can. []

Carson: No, you can’t.

Jennifer: No, I can’t.

Carson: Cats, yes, but not ghosts.

Jennifer: Cats?

Carson: Yeah, well —

Jennifer: “Garfield”?

Carson: Yes.

Jennifer: Oh, got it.

Carson: Inside joke.

[ Laughter ] We’ll edit that out. Don’t worry.

Jennifer: He’s a lobster.

Carson: Oh, really? You’re gonna go there? Where’s my list of stuff? You want some real talk? Can we just cut the show here?

Jennifer: Yes. How’s your tattoo?

Carson: Oh, yeah, the tattoo.

[ Catcalls from audience ]

Jennifer: I’m bringing it all.

Carson: Wow, you really are.

Jennifer: I’m just playing.

Carson: You know what’s a funny story is, I called when I was shooting the beach house stuff. Do you know when I called you, and I’d had — I don’t know if you know this about me. I have an occasional beer. I want to be honest.

Jennifer: Really? I had no idea.

[ Light laughter ]

Carson: I like — I’m Irish. Joe knows what I’m saying. But I called you and I told you that I had tattooed your name on me. And what was your reaction? Do you remember when I told you on the phone?

Jennifer: I don’t think I was that happy about it.

Carson: I don’t remember your reaction, but the truth was I hadn’t —

[ Laughter ] I actually, when I told you that, I hadn’t gotten it yet.

Jennifer: Really?

Carson: Yeah.

Jennifer: Why did you lie?

Carson: And then — well, ’cause I wanted to gauge how you would feel.

Jennifer: Right. But I just didn’t like it because you were hurting yourself.

Carson: Well, so then —

Jennifer: Right, this thing happened.

Carson: Right. You went and — whatever.

Jennifer: Things happened.

Carson: And then, here’s — can we get a shot of this? Have you seen this?

Jennifer: No.

Carson: That’s where your name was.

[ Laughter ] And I did it once, but there was no way on god’s green earth I was gonna write the word “Tara” anywhere, anywhere on my body.

Jennifer: I have “Tara” on me, though, which is weird. I’m kidding.

[ Laughter ] I’m kidding. It’s a crab now.

Carson: Yeah, it’s the crab coming out of a pocketknife.

Jennifer: That’s interesting.

Carson: Yeah.

Jennifer: Thank you for that.

Carson: Would you ever get — are you in love now? Do you have a steady boyfriend?

Jennifer: No.

Carson: No? Is that difficult for you, after me?

[ Laughter ] I’m saying — it’s tough.

Jennifer: You know, it has been difficult.

[ Cheers and applause ] It has been difficult.

Carson: Where do you go? You know, where do you go?

Jennifer: It has. You?

Carson: Yeah, well, you know, here we are. We’re going to take a break, I think.

[ Laughter ] We’re way over time. We thought it would be fun, though, to take a — and you were nice enough to do this. We took a compatibility —

Jennifer: Yeah.

Carson: A real test to see what, you know, like “Cosmopolitan” would think about our — so we’ll take a break now. Joe, you need to just settle down.

[ Laughter ] And we’ll come back. More with Jennifer Love Hewitt after this. And the music tonight is spoon. That’s Joe Firstman. Joe, get me out of this.

Jennifer: All right!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Do you remember that? Did you see that?

Jennifer: That was embarrassing.

Carson: That was a scene from the hit CBS drama “Ghost Whisperer.”

[ Light laughter ] Where Jennifer Love Hewitt talks to the deceased.

Jennifer: No, it wasn’t. []

Carson: Do you want to comment on that? You don’t have to. It was called —

Jennifer: “Dance workout with barbie.”

Carson: Yeah, that’s what that was.

[ Laughter ] How old were you when you did that? Was that your first gig in Hollywood?

Jennifer: No, I was 12. I was just getting my boobies.

[ Laughter ] Personal comment.

Carson: Really? You had —

Jennifer: Yeah, see?

Carson: Yes.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Carson: And they just kept on gettin’ and gettin’ and gettin’ and gettin’ and —

Jennifer: All right. Okay.

Carson: The show is “Ghost Whisperer.”

[ Laughter ] It’s on CBS. And for those who haven’t seen it, and we have a lot of — we’re on late at night. If there’s, perhaps, somebody watching who hasn’t seen it, what would you say about the show that might get, like, a guy that has a bong in his mouth right now to watch your show?

[ Laughter ] It’s not just about talking to dead people. You play — you’re married in the show.

Jennifer: I do. I play a newlywed. I play an antique store owner. Neither one of those is gonna get that guy.

Carson: Right.

Jennifer: I wear tiny tops.

Carson: Okay, there you go. Now we’re on to something. You know this clip we’re about to show?

Jennifer: I don’t.

Carson: No? Well, I don’t think it’s important. I think —

[ Light laughter ]

Jennifer: Thank you.

Carson: I think it’s you in, maybe, a trunk of a car, if I’m not mistaken.

Jennifer: Oh, yes, yes, yes. I do know what this is about. There’s a woman getting married, and I’m talking about how I don’t want to know what kind of women my husband’s dated before me.

Carson: That’s funny.

[ Laughter ] Here’s Love Hewitt in “Ghost Whisperer.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Oh, today they did? We thought it would be fun, and we have to do this very quickly now. ‘Cause love is just a chatterbox. I got to get spoon out here to perform, but we thought it would be fun to do this —

Jennifer: Do I talk too much? []

Carson: No, not at all. I’m a babbling fool, clearly. We wanted to do the compatibility quiz. You answered questions before the show. Honestly, I hope. I did the same. There was a few here that we didn’t get to that I’ll ask you now, and then we have the results which we’ll get to in a second. On a scale of one to ten, how —

Jennifer: You’re gonna ask them out loud?

Carson: Yeah, sure.

Jennifer: That’s not fair.

Carson: No one’s watching.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: Let me just fill them out. I don’t want to answer them out loud.

Carson: Well, look. Look, here are my answers. It says, “how important are the following?”

Jennifer: We’ll be right with you.

Carson: The one being the least, ten being the most. On those things.

Jennifer: All right.

Carson: You don’t want to answer? Okay, then write them down.

Jennifer: Okay.

Carson: Then write them down.

[ Light laughter ] How’s your mom?

Jennifer: She’s great, thanks. Yours?

Carson: Very good, thanks.

Jennifer: Okay, perfect. Oh, did you — oh, ooh.

Carson: Well, don’t cheat on mine.

Jennifer: I’m not cheating.

Carson: All right.

Jennifer: Okay. Sorry.

Carson: Well, I’m just gonna add this in. Oh, really, false? That’s awful.

Jennifer: There’s a reason.

Carson: Yeah. Well, it all makes sense now.

[ Audience aws ] Do we have the results? Jamie, do you have those? Can I get a little drum roll, here? How many questions did we answer in real life? []

Jennifer: 15.

Carson: 15.

Jennifer: I think.

Carson: We answered 15 legitimate questions for a compatibility test. I blame the breakup on you. You break it up — you blame it on me. So this is — the answer is — we are 92% compatible.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ] Well, maybe you’ll get it right next time. You know? I should say, I took the took the same exact quiz last night, and it said my soul mate was aeon flux, so —

[ Light laughter ]

Jennifer: But can we just say one thing, though?

Carson: Yeah.

Jennifer: Can we just say that, for the time being, no matter what happened, I was a really good girlfriend to you and you were a great boyfriend, and that —

Carson: The latter is so true. []

[ Light laughter ] The first part is definitely true, but —

Jennifer: We had a lot of fun, and it was a good time in our life. So we should end it like that.

Carson: It was. It ended a little weird. I got to be honest. A little weird.

Jennifer: It did, but that doesn’t matter.

Carson: A little weird.

Jennifer: It doesn’t matter.

Carson: Well, all right. It doesn’t matter.

[ Laughter ] It doesn’t — this is what it was like. Check. It doesn’t matter.

[ Laughter ] But you’re a sweetheart to be here. And you know I love
you. Come here. You know I love you.

Jennifer: All right.

Carson: Jennifer love hewitt, everybody. “Ghost Whisperer” is the show.

[ Cheers and applause ] It’s on CBS, on Friday nights at 8:00. 8:00.

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