Jennifer Love Hewitt Hurt By Nancy Sinatra’s Cruel Remarks

A source close to tells Globe magazine that the singer and actress is deeply hurt by Nancy Sinatra’s criticism following her portrayal on ‘American Dreams’. Insisting she really studied hard to prepare for the part, Love Hewitt said, “I really wanted to get her voice down. I found she kind of talk-sang the lyrics, but I wanted to be more melodic. Also, Nancy seemed to just be swaying to the beat, whereas I wanted to shake my groove thing a little bit.”

Nancy Sinatra Fumes Over J.Love’s ‘American Dreams’ Portrayal

January 23, 2004 – Nancy Sinatra lashed out at Jennifer Love Hewitt after her portrayal on ‘American Dreams’, where J.Love performed Sinatra’s hit ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’. While initially thinking Jennifer “will be fine” doing the performance, after the broadcast, Sinatra fumed: “Those were my words and now I have to eat them. She was allowed to take my image and that wonderful song straight to CAMP without looking back. Wrong approach. Wrong attitude. Wrong choreography. Wrong moves. Wrong hair. WAY wrong. No respect for me. No respect for the music. The only thing they got right was the dress. Stereotypical nonsense that’s dogged me for decades.” Later on her official forum, she backtracked on blaming Love Hewitt though.

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10 thoughts on “Jennifer Love Hewitt Hurt By Nancy Sinatra’s Cruel Remarks

  1. rangergirl says:

    Wow. Cool song. I would like to see someone like Christina A. do this song. Nothing against Jennifer Love, she’s usually ok.

  2. muzik_luver says:

    That’s really mean….even more since it wasn’t Jennifer’s idea and I’m sure she didn’t have anything to do with all that Nancy is complaining about.

  3. Cicero says:

    She didn’t blame Hewitt. She’s blaming the people who let JH portray her like that, and who coached Hewitt to do what she did.

  4. flowerll says:

    ouch! She’s so mean!! I mean, she should feel honored the least, or if she don’t like it she shouldn’t say something like that… I mean any normal person would know that that’s a mean thing to say, it could damn well hurt people’s feeling! She could just say nothing or just say, “well, I’m a bit disappointed with it… I think it could be better though” yeah something like that or whatever just not like that mean comments! What a *****!

  5. PlasticPopstarsMustDie says:

    Nancy Sinatra was never taken seriously as a pop star. She had one hit song, and everybody was sick of it. She was a wooden performer and if JLH had portrayed her properly, she would have bored people out of their skulls. As far as stereotypical nonsense, hell, that was what people saw. They saw long blond hair, go-go boots and white lipstick and somebody who was fame whoring off her dad’s name. She’s just a bitter old broad.

  6. LittleLove says:

    It’s on her official board. she totally ripped into her. Personally Hewitt’s performance I found to be good. It gave the show the vibe for the night.

  7. silverting says:

    I suppose we should feel honored or something when someone does any kind of tribute – imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that. But the thing is, if you are going to imitate somebody, he or she should be studied first so that there will be some sort of accuracy involved. Thank you for the post and the question. I have been feeling very sad about this. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I get too defensive sometimes trying to protect that little place I have in the music business. —————— she said this…. taken from I think that she didn’t mean to hurt her but just what she thinks.

  8. flowerll says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean I would be hurt too with those harsh comment from that Sinatra…. you know, Nancy Sinatra really have no heart at all! I mean, for Jennifer to do it should be wonderful and she should be grateful, honored by it… but instead, she shut Jennifer out! What kind of a person is she?!?! Maybe she just think that she’s already the “legend” but there’s no need to do it.!! U know, if she don’t like it, I think she should just shut her f**k up!

  9. venus18 says:

    Although it is an honor to be portrayed on a show like that, the fact of the matter is Jennifer Love Hewitt should have done the performance like Nancy would have done it. The producers don’t force you to perform a certain way more than likely and she should have both sang the way Nancy did and move the way Nancy did. Let your personality shine through when you cover someone, not when you are playing someone a show.

  10. pl says:

    What is up with Jennifer I haven’t seen her in any movies lately?

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