Jennifer Love Hewitt Interviews Kelly Clarkson

Jennifer Love Hewitt, along with ‘American Idol’ champ Kelly Clarkson, joined the Kidd Kraddick show on Monday morning. Kelly called in and Jennifer was on the other end to surprise her. The two chatted about their new albums, gushed about this year’s ‘Idol’ favorite Ruben Studdard, the worst tabloid rumors about themselves, and Jennifer spoke about her upcoming appearance at this year’s 2nd Chance Prom in Las Vegas. Audio has since been removed.

To Tour

April 9, 2003 – Contributed by LittleLove:

tour dates:

May 10th KHKS Dallas – 20 minute accoustic set
May 16th KHTS San Diego – 20 minute accoustic set
May 17th KIIS Los Angeles – Wango Tango – full band performance
May 18th KRQQ Tuscon – 20 minute accoustic set
May 25th WBLI Long Island – 20 minute accoustic set
May 30th WSTR Atlanta – 20 minute accoustic set

Feels Good At This Point In Career

March 31, 2003 – Buy Magazine recently chatted with Jennifer Love Hewitt and asked the singer/actress how she feels at this point in her career. “I feel pretty good,” she said. “Though I think being twenty-three in the entertainment industry is sort of a weird place to find yourself, because the parts that I really want to do I am sort of not old enough to play yet, and the parts that I’m probably right for are things that I’ve already done.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt InStyle Makeover Issue Feature

March 28, 2003 – Jennifer Love Hewitt is on the cover of InStyle’s Makeover issue. The singer/actress says with maturity, her fashion sense has changed. “I used to be more funky,” she said. “I liked to put weird combos together. I was never a person who had basics in my closet. And now I’m very much into basics – the black dress, slacks, pretty little shirts, girlie long skirts. I’m not wearing as much jewelry either.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pleas: Won’t Someone Ask Me Out?

March 12, 2003 – Globe magazine reports Jennifer Love Hewitt has admitted “I don’t have a boyfriend now.” It seems the actress and singer has had trouble getting men to ask her out. “I always have to ask the guy out,” she moans. “Which starts the relationship off on the wrong foot.” She added, “I hope someone out there will approach me. I get lonely.”

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