Jennifer Love Hewitt Joins *NSYNC

MTV News spoke with Joey Fatone, JC Chasez, and Chris Kirkpatrick before the Video Music Awards on Thursday. The trio were joined by the self-proclaimed newest member of *NSYNC, Jennifer Love Hewitt. Read on for a transcript.

MTV: We’re joined by the amazing jennifer love hewitt and three activens
of the *NSYNC hive.

JLH: I’m now with ‘nsync. I’m making an announcement.

MTV: Let me ask you first of all Christopher I understand you’re doing double duty working for CBS News.

Chris: I’m doing awesome. I’m plugging this thing. I think i missed
my calling I’m not a good musician. I get to meet like a lot of people I look up to and if they don’t want to meet me they have to.

MTV: You’re presenting tonight are you introducing pink.

JLH: I am a fan except she’s not pink anymore.

MTV: She got new tattoos, too.

JLH: Yes, but i love her.

Chris: Love is a singer herself.

MTV: Lance is in Houston.

JC: I was there in Houston.

MTV: How is he doing, man?

JC It would freak ultimate out how much he knows about outer space at this point. I was hanging out with him and he gave a whole tour of the NASA center. I got to sit in on a sip race which has never been done by a regular civilian like me before.

Chris: He gave jc a spin in the space shuttle.

MTV: Props for Greek Wedding.

JLH: Congratulations.

Joey: Check out rent if you’re in new york.

MTV: What a promo there.

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