Jennifer Love Hewitt Says Ban Hot Pants

was on hand at the 2nd Annual Runway for Life, benefiting the Danny Thomas-founded fund, which was held last week at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Love Hewitt spoke to Ted Casablanca of E! Online of fashion crimes past. In a strapless navy Jackie O. outfit, Love Hewitt remarked, “Hot pants really bother me,” she said with a swing of her short new bob. “Quite frankly, I think they should be outlawed.”

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4 thoughts on “Jennifer Love Hewitt Says Ban Hot Pants

  1. lucky78 says:

    I think Jennifer Love Hewitt should be outlawed.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    Who does she think she is, the president? If time won’t stop for us whenever we need more of it in our hands, why should hot pants be outlawed just because she feels bothered by them? Whether she’s serious about this or not, she’s really making a fool of herself and being selfish. Of all the things to outlaw: cigarettes, alcohol, guns, etc., she’s troubled by hot pants. Sounds funny, huh?

  3. SunChick says:

    I can’t believe Jennifer Love Hewitt actually thinks that anyone gives a crap about her or her opinions. She should go crawl under a rock and die.

  4. EvanescenceSucks says:

    Why is she even on popdirt? Does anyone listen to her music?

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