Jennifer Love Hewitt Says Her Boobs Are Real

Jennifer Love Hewitt tells Rolling Stone magazine when she was on TV’s ‘Party of Five’ “they kept me so hidden, figurewise. When I came out in ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ in a tiny top and tight jeans … people went. ‘Oh, my God, what did she have done?'” But she vouches, “I have been the size I am now since I was 12, okay? They’ve always been that way, they’re mine.”

Love Hewitt Talks ‘BareNaked’

September 10, 2002 – Jennifer Love Hewitt stopped by 98.1 CHFI to talk about her new album ‘BareNaked’ last month. Jennifer was surprised about her popularity in Japan where her first albums were a big hit. Love Hewitt said her main goal to create an album that from song 1 to song 12 you have to listen to. She admits she wanted kids to know that she’s not any different than they are and suffers from the same insecurities and being vulnerable to life. Audio has since been removed.

Cowell And Love Hewitt Hot For Teachers

September 8, 2002 – Entertainment Weekly asked celebs including Jennifer Love Hewitt and Simon Cowell if they ever have been “hot for teacher.” Love Hewitt said, “The teacher from ‘Head of the Class’ [Howard Hesseman].” The ‘American Idol’ judge responded, “There was a geography teacher who used to wear very short skirts, and we used to peer under her desk.”

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  1. sweetcheeks says:

    Whoever said they were fake? I didn’t know it was an issue with her.

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