Jennifer Love Hewitt Visits Craig Kilborn

stopped by the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on Friday, where she talked about her new album ‘Baren**ed’ [note: this is unfortunately censored to avoid triggering Google’s awful SafeSearch image filter], her movie ‘The Tuxedo’ with Jackie Chan, and she performed a tongue trick — turning her tongue into a flower. Later in the show, she performed ‘Can I Go Now’ from her new album ‘Baren**ed’, which dropped on Tuesday. For a rough transcript and a few photos, including the lame flower trick, read on.

Craig: Our first guest is a multi-talented actress and singer. She has starred in the “Party of Five” and “I know what you did last summer.” And the film “The Tuxedo,” both right now.

Craig: This is Jennifer Love Hewitt.


Craig: How are you?

Jennifer: How are you?

Craig: You look great.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Craig: You look — you always look sexy. You always look happening.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Craig: But you hair slightly sophisticated, darker, more serious.

Jennifer: Absolutely.

Craig: Am I wrong?

Jennifer: No. I went and said, darker, more mysterious.

Craig: I guess you’re supposed to be somewhat of a klutz. Is that —

Jennifer: Yes. I’m a horrible klutz.

Craig: You walked out. You didn’t fall or anything.

Jennifer: There was two steps. I was like, ok. It’s going to go.

Craig: Especially women wearing heels. Some of them are our male guests who like to dress up. You look great. How do you handle the action scenes with Jackie Chan.

Jennifer: I punch him in the nose.

Craig: That’s great. He’s been trained —

Jennifer: He’s been trained if somebody punches you in the nose you take him out. I was like, this might be my last moment a didn’t do anything. He gave me a hard time. And you say the hash-hash

Jennifer: Yeah.

Craig: Does he take seriously?

Jennifer: No. He’s funny.

Craig: You’re not lifting a loot right now?

Jennifer: No, no. Just Coca-Cola. That’s about it.

Craig: Do you remember that card trick?

Jennifer: Yes. It failed and it was awful.

Craig: Yeah, it was fine.

Jennifer: A.

Craig: Later tonight you’re doing a tongue trick that will — I can’t —

[Applause] Apparently you’re — wait a second. Wait a second. You’re acting all shy and embarrassed. You were the one who said I can do a tongue trick.

Jennifer: I’m always asked to do a trick when I come here. I’m very limited. I’m not very talented when it comes to tricks.

Craig: If it goes well, and I think it will,e you do it over and over again each time you come back.

Jennifer: That’s good.

Craig: This is interesting. You’re very successful, big star, and you live with mommy?

Jennifer: Yes.

Craig: That’s so down to earth.

Jennifer: I love my mom.

Craig: You know? I love my mom, but I don’t live with her.

Jennifer: She’s my best friend. It’s fun.

Craig: Walk me through fun with mom.

Jennifer: We dance around the house in our pajamas like dorks.

Craig: Yeah.

Jennifer: The second time — the second I get home there’s a home cooked. She’s the best cook.

Craig: You can’t cook but she can?

Jennifer: Yes. She does laundry.

Craig: She spoils you.

Jennifer: She wakes me up every mo she goes, hey, sweety, it’s time to wake up. I’m like hi, mommy. I’m excited to wake up in the morning.

Craig: My mom used to wake me and my brother up and it used to drive crazy. My dad would say up and at’ em. Your mom apparently has a tongue.

Jennifer: I was told you can’t occurs in your live because ladies don’t. They can be half n*ked in movies but they can’t —

Craig: Exactly.

Jennifer: I promised that I wouldn’t. If I get angry about something. I say, mom, I really angry and my mom gets elicit with things and she rants and raves for me. Screams like —

Craig: That’s funny. You’ll be upset about something, mom, I’m upset and —

Jennifer: It makes me laugh. It’s like —

Craig: God dang. Does she say god dang?

Jennifer: She says things that you’ve probably never heard

Craig: You laugh when she does this?

Jennifer: I don’t get upset and I don’t have to say that stuff.

Craig: Do you things?

Jennifer: I’ve thrown a thing or two. I like to take objects and likes beat things on my bed. I’d thriket take my pillow and go — and hit stuff.

Craig: That would get you up set? You seem to have a charmed life?

Jennifer: I don’t get up set very much. Most of the time like when my friends or family is up set, that will up set me. That’s personal. Then I have to the beat stuff on my bed. Craig: That makes sense. Beat stuff on your bed. Oh, I’m sorry.

Audience: Boo.

Craig: I didn’t go there. You didn’t go there. Shame on them.

[Applause] Let’s clean it up. You like old TV shows.

Jennifer: Yes.

Craig: Tell them your favorite. You’re not embarrassed.

Jennifer: I’m obsessed with “the golden girls”

Craig: A lot of women are?

Jennifer: I love Bea Arthur.

Craig: Is she the greatest?

Jennifer: I love her.

Craig: What is it 5b9 the shoy?

Jennifer: They’re so honest. They’re older ladies and they’ve been through it all. It’s so funny. And there very wise, the golden girls. And love them.

Craig: How often do you watch?

Jennifer: Betty White’s stories about St. Oliff. That’s where she’s from.

Craig: I’ve never watched the show.

Jennifer: You should watch it.

Craig: There’s a real St. Oliff.

Jennifer: I love you for telling me that.

Craig: It’s in Minnesota.

Jennifer: Are you making it up? Are you lying?

Craig: I’m not making it up. You know what? I love you.

Jennifer: You do?

Craig: We can go to break and play five guess guess — “five questions” and do the tongue, or we can do the tongue now.


Craig: They want it now.

Jennifer: It’s not spectacular, though. It’s just a weird curl thing. We’ll being right back with “five questions” and the tongue trick. one, two, three, four, “five questions,” Mr. Kilborn

Jennifer: I like what he said.

Craig: You le your new album, I that said. People tell you you have a great smile?

Jennifer: That’s so nice. Thanks.

Craig: You

Jennifer: Thank you. I get embarrassed, but thank you.

Craig: We’re going to talk music right now. Later we’ll see the tongue trick. Have you been singing your whole life?

Jennifer: Since I was sixth. This is actually mid fourth record. I’m excite about it. It’s such an important thing.

Craig: I want to hear some ballads. Did you have to do the bare n*ked thing?

Jennifer: I had to do it to people’s reaction to “bare n*ked,” although it has nothing to do with being bare n*ked. I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Craig: What does it have to do with?

Jennifer: It has to do with feeling vulnerable. I kind of want to tell young people that other people feel the same way.

Craig: I don’t want to get heavy with you, but is there a different between bare n*ked and buck n*ked?

Jennifer: Bare n*ked is the front. Buck n*ked is back.

Craig: We’ve built it up. It’s the tongue trick. You said to me. It’s not much.

Jennifer: It’s nothing.

Craig: I think they’re going to like it.


Craig: Ok. Which one you want?

Jennifer: Oh — oh, my god. That’s — oh, good I — I brush good?

Craig: Yeah.

It’s just a flower and my tongue goes like this.

Craig: Oh, that’s —


Jennifer: It’s nothing.

Craig: [Applause] See that again. That’s amazing.

Jennifer: I come here and do the lamest things. It’s not good. I’m going to come up with a good trick and I’m going to come back.

Craig: Ok. That’s fair.

Jennifer: I’m going to surprise you. It’s going to be great.

Craig: Here it I I thought it was great. This is the tongue trick from Jennifer Lov Hewitt. And can u — applause]

“Veueio.” Here we go

Craig: Joe og arrest. You were born in Waco. That’s not the question.

Jennifer: Yes. Please don’t ask me geography questions.

Craig: Well, I have to.

Jennifer: The Dallas Cowboys.

Craig: That’s one.

Jennifer: The long horns.

Craig: Tile take that. Did we say pro-? No, we can’t do that.

Jennifer: The —

Craig: You have the San Antonio?

Jennifer: Something. Spurs. Craig: Ok. One more.

Craig: Houston?

Jennifer: Houston Oilers.

Craig: They used to be the Oilers.

Jennifer: What are they?

Craig: Rockets. So —

Jennifer: Sorry.


Craig: Match game. Blank shack.

Jennifer: Love shack.

Craig: That’s too easy. See how that works? You’re very big in Japan, you know that?

Jennifer: Yes.

Craig: What’s the different between sushi and sashimi.

Jennifer: Rice and seaweed is sashimi and the sushi is served on its own.

Craig: Within $5. This is true. Within $5 what was the on ebay. Jennifer Love Hewitt black bra wall clock within $5 on ebay today.

Jennifer: There is one of those?

Craig: Yeah. , Yeah.

Jennifer: That is awful. People need to have a hobby.

Craig: It’s not — it’s actually —

Jennifer: I’ll say $100.

Craig: I would say that, too. It was only $12.99.

Jennifer: Well.

Craig: But wait a minute.

Jennifer: Who wants to buy the bra I’ve got on now?


Craig: Ma’am, sits down. Ok. Finally, during the break one of my writers taped a sign on my back. What do you think they wrote on it?

Jennifer: Kick me.

Craig: That’s absolutely right. That is right. Kick me. Very good. Kick me. I think you got four out of five. That’s very good. “The Tuxedo” is in theaters and then the C.D. “Bare n*ked” is out right now. Nice to see you again.

Jennifer: Thanks.

Craig: She’ll be singing later. Jennifer love hewitt.

Jennifer Love Hewitt visits 'The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn'

Jennifer Love Hewitt rolls her tongue during an appearance on 'The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn'

Jennifer Love Hewitt hears about a wall clock featuring her black bra for sale on eBay during a visit to 'The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn'

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