Jennifer Love Hewitt Visits David Letterman

stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday to promote her new album ‘Barenaked’ and her new movie ‘The Tuxedo’. Jennifer explained how she got her middle name, her trench mouth ordeal, the Rolling Stone pictures, not having a boyfriend, and talked more about the album. Read on for a computer generated (rough) transcript.

Dave: Our first guest currently stars in the motion picture, the tuxedo and recently released a new CD entitled bare naked. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the lovely Jennifer Love Hewitt, everyone. ( Cheers and applause)

Jennifer: Hi.

Dave: You look wonderful.

Jennifer: Thank you, so do you.

Dave: Oh stop it.

Jennifer: They’re playing love to love you, baby.

Dave: I’m sorry you don’t win anything for correctly identifying the song.

Jennifer: I love that song.

Dave: Sure, your name. How did you get that middle name?

Jennifer: I was named after my mom’s best friend in college.

Dave: The last time you were here you had a dental problem, you suffered from trench mouth, and we haven’t that in this country since the second world war, but are you over that now?

Jennifer: I am.

Dave: How did that happen?

Jennifer: I was doing a movie in Mexico, and I got a parasite of some kind and it caused me to have trench mouth which is like these bloody ulcer things in your mouth.

Dave: It was misdiagnosed for a while?

Jennifer: Yeah, they thought it was something else and they finally figured out it was trench mouth.

Dave: What did you have to have done?

Jennifer: I had to have root canals, it started eating the gums in my mouth, so it was going to kind of rot my teeth from the inside. Lovely. Very kissable. And.

Dave: Great for folks enjoying a late supper.

Jennifer: Yes, yummy. So I had one of the root canals and I’m never going back, I’m just going to not have the other two.

Dave: Was it painful as everybody says?

Jennifer: It’s horrible.

Dave: What does that mean, they’re taking out the nerve root?

Jennifer: Yes, they go in with these little tiny like pin things and they dig out the nerve in your tooth.

Dave: And are you anesthetized?

Jennifer: No, they give you Novocaine, but that doesn’t last in my mouth more than 8 minutes. So they are to re-shoot me like 12 times.

Dave: That’s as bad as the surgery. How long does it last?

Jennifer: I took them two and a half or three hours to do it last time.

Dave: Just tell them to mind your own business. You seem fine.

Jennifer: I. I was talking about this earlier, this is the cover of the new Rolling Stone and you thinks all about the things you’re really hot in. And here you are on the cover, but look at that, holy cow sglmt
oh my god! ( Applause) you know, you’re just but for a couple things you’re naked.

Jennifer: Yeah. They shot that right after I woke up in the morning, isn’t that amazing.

Dave: Is that okay could be, I mean for me it’s certainly fine.

Jennifer: Yes. ( Laughter)

Dave: But, when they called up did you say I got a great idea, what if I’m nearly naked?

Jennifer: They said they wanted to push the envelope, and didn’t know what that was, and I was like okay, sure, that’s fine, and I think they pretty much opened the envelope, took out its on tents and there it is so, there it is on the cover.

Dave: Then we go inside here and there’s another one.

Jennifer: It’s just a scarf. Lord al mighty.

Jennifer: My grandmother had things to say about that.

Dave: Do you mine if I continue? And this is the one right here. What are we saying there, what is this telling us about you?

Jennifer: This is saying that I’m cold.

Jennifer: No, no. Not the quote, I could care less about the quote, I’m talking about the photo and there you are, oh, man alive!

Jennifer: And shiny, they greased me up, they had four people paint my body.

Dave: Really?

Jennifer: I got there, they were like okay, we’re going to paint you, and I was like with what? And they’re like grease and they put Vaseline all over me so I would be shiny.

Dave: Let me ask you a question. In the world of adults, very few people do things they don’t really want to do, you know.

Jennifer: Right, I felt okay about it. Because when I’m 83 I’m going to be able to look at those pictures and go one day I actually looked like that and it’s going to be very exciting.

Dave: Is very exciting now. ( Applause)

Dave: Oh, my goaly!ÑI and you say your grandmother, has she seen the photos?

Jennifer: Yeah, I called her and told her first, I told her it was coming out and I hoped she wouldn’t be embarrassed and she was like no if you like them it’s fine, and she called up and said you really forgot your pants on this one. But my brother had the worst time with it, because he doesn’t really want to see me like that, I’m always in a parka to him. In a parka and sweats. So he had a hard time. But he was still very proud.

Dave: And because his friends are razzing him about this?

Jennifer: Yeah, he has to like stand behind guys, and they’re like, look at this. You know.

Dave: It’s something all right. Wow. Good for you. ( Applause) oh, I missed this one. Oh, my god! Hello! Did do you have a boyfriend and does this trouble your boyfriend?

Jennifer: No. No on both accounts.

Dave: Really, you don’t have a boyfriend? That seems far fetched, you must have a boyfriend, you’re just saying you don’t just because you —

Jennifer: No, I don’t. I don’t. It’s just me and my white panties. That’s it. ( Applause) ( laughter)

Jennifer: There’s diving dogs outside, did you know that?

Dave: To hell with the dogs. To hell with the dogs. ( Applause) now,
explain to me about your musical career. How does that work? Are you an actress and a singer or a singer and a actress?

Jennifer: I started singing when I was six and I move to L.A. To be a singer, and I sort of got distracted by the whole acting thing which now is a complete love of mine and I enjoy. It was just really exciting to come back to the music and the record comes out tomorrow, I’m really excited about it.

Dave: Will you go around traveling around and stuff, you got a big band and a bus? Look, you’re nearly naked on this as well! Don’t you own a blouse?

Jennifer: I do, I wore it… ( applause) this is my only full shirt.

Dave: So you will go on tour?

Jennifer: Yeah. Well, I’m right now I’m doing the van tour like we fly and then we drive for three and a half hours, and we in like a little van and I’m going to hopefully work up to the bus. If people like the record I’ll get a bus.

Dave: Do you have like an opening act?

Jennifer: No, it’s just me.

Dave: What kind of places are you working?

Jennifer: Conference rooms at radio stations, a you know big time.

Dave: Intimate kind of things.

Jennifer: Yes, clubs, things like that.

Dave: I would think you’re pretty well received.

Jennifer: Yeah, people really like it, it’s been good.

Dave: Now Paul, would you consider like working with which on the road, like opening or something or sharing the bill?

Jennifer: Of course, I don’t think there’s any man on this band who would say no to that, you know. Has one blouse.

Jennifer: If he was with me I’d get a bus.

Dave: And the Tuxedo with Jackie Chan, that looks very funny?

Jennifer: It was amazing, it was really fun.

Dave: And he’s just nuts too, there’s something wrong with him?

Jennifer: He’s crazy.

Dave: And did you hurt yourself? Because when he’s on the program he’s hurt me, we’ve had to ask him to stop coming op. Does that happen to you?

Jennifer: Well, I’m a klutz so I really shouldn’t be in action movies, but I got hurt quite a bit, I actually kicked a guy in the head and cracked my ankle.

Dave: And so, you busted your ankle, can’t kick any more guys in the head I guess.

Jennifer: No, because I was in the Jackie Chan movie hi to go back to work an hour later, and they would just wheel me around on things and his stunt person would put on like the panel leg that matched my suit and I would make a motion like lean back and they would kick into frame with their hand and it would make it look like it was my leg.

Dave: Even that sounds like fun.

Jennifer: It crazy, it was fun though.

Dave: And the cd is tomorrow.

Jennifer: Yes.

Dave: You’re having a terrific, well it’s not the summer now, but a great summer and a lovely fall. I’m just babbling. Nice to see you again.

Jennifer: Thanks for having me.

Dave: Jennifer Love Hewitt. We’ll be right back with more diving dogs, everybody.

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