Jennifer Love Hewitt’s New Romance, And It’s Not Alec Baldwin

In Touch magazine reports that while admits she’s involved with a guy “in the business”, she insists it’s not her ‘The Devil and Daniel Webster’ co-star Alec Baldwin. “I hate talking about it, because it’s still in the early stages and I don’t know if he’s Mr. Right,” Love said of her new flame. As for the Baldwin gossip? “I had to laugh,” she said. “Alec is a lovely guy, but you’ve just got to ask… if that would make any sense. I only have to be pictured with a guy and everyone assumes I’m dating him – when I’m helping him pick out flowers for his girlfriend.”

Plots Wedding

July 28, 2004 – Globe magazine reports that is a bit obsessive over the idea of getting married. The actress/singer has been collecting clippings from bridal magazines for the past 13 years, which she stuffs in a folder. “If you saw it, you’d die,” a pal said. “It’s so organized. Cakes. Dresses. Rings. You name it.” Love Hewitt also visits Tiffany monthly, where she slips on either a 3 or 4 carat round diamond ring to admire.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Praise For Snow Patrol

July 25, 2004 – Jennifer Love Hewitt has been singing the praises of Snow Patrol, Radio 1 reports. “There’s this great band that I just got introduced to in London. They are kind of like a Coldplay,” the actress/singer said. “I think they’re really, really good. I don’t know what the name of the record is, but they’re called Snow Patrol.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Troubles Getting Asked Out

June 30, 2004 – Star magazine quotes Jennifer Love Hewitt on how she reluctantly plans to take more charge of her love life. “When it comes to dating, I probably do more of the asking out than getting asked because guys do not ask anymore, which is a horrible thing. I’ve literally, in my entire life, had two guys come up to me and ask me out.”

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2 thoughts on “Jennifer Love Hewitt’s New Romance, And It’s Not Alec Baldwin

  1. Shaniqua699 says:

    Maybe because they see what a dork she is! She is forever making a donkey face (big teeth and all)laughing like a hyena at stupid things with her childish mentality, she comes out like that in all her pictures! I mean did you see her in Punk’d she was so desperate to get a job. The fake director asks her what her schedule is like and before he even finishes his sentence she quickly bursts out I’M AVAILABLE! (like I can start right now, where’s wardrobe?) I mean how lame is that, her career is SO over, no one wants her anymore! Then Ashton comes in and she’s like “So, I’m not gonna get to be in a cool movie?” DUH Jennifer it was a JOKE, get it through your airhead skull! Then she starts the donkey face, hyena laugh while she bangs her arms on her legs…ugh so pathetic! Jennifer, there’s no way they’re gonna wanna be with someone who smothers them like you did to John Mayer!

  2. davidpnuk says:

    Jennifer I s a very lovely girl and I don’t know what is wrong with most guy’s I mean come on who wouldn’t want to ask her out she is so cool and sexy!

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