Jenniffer Kae: Second Album Will Be Quite Surprising

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@jennifferkae) on Tuesday (December 22), discussing work on her second album, reflecting on her music career since signing a record deal, and thanked fans for their support. The German singer tells readers:

As some of you might know, I am working on my 2nd record since a couple of months. I wrote a few songs, that are already recorded as a demo, and I just can’t wait to share the finished versions with all of you. I think it will be [quite] surprising, for the once who haven’t seen me playing live in the last few months…

I can’t wait to share the reflection of what I experienced in the last 2 years, who i met, what I felt, what i learned, and maybe didn’t want to learn, of hellos and goodbyes, more about my inability to cry, my believes, wishes, fears and other wisdoms :)

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