Jenny Berggren: My Wish Was To Stay In Ace Of Base

Jenny Berggren checked in with fans on her Facebook moments ago, commenting on the news Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson have been named as two new vocalists of Ace of Base, which apparently came as a surprise even though her brother Jonas is in the group. Jenny writes:

Good morning. FYI I have not been contacted about AOB until some days ago and since I am still a member and important deals around the band (who doesn’t involve me) are not settled yet, I am confused. Twitter and Facebook has been my voice. My wish was to stay in the band to make music in the future. Someone told me fans think I quit and left the boys alone, but the story is not at all this. I love you.

To say that I didn’t agree to a fourth member is wrong. I even gave names if I would have gotten a green light of the things I needed. For instance some control over the issues regarding the band. Once I was told not to meet up with a manager that would work with us “because I didn’t have the full picture of what we had been sold in as”. Who can work like that and have children? I need structure. All people do.

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