Jenny Frost Announces She’s Pregnant

Former Atomic Kitten posted the following message on her official web site: “Well you might have been wondering why everything’s gone quiet on the diary front since the New Year, and I wanted you all to be the first to know! I’m having a Kitten, sorry baby! Yes that’s right me and [my fiance DJ ‘Dom T’ Thrupp] are going to have a baby and we’re absolutely thrilled!!!!! I had a scan recently and although I only have a tiny bump it was cart wheeling for the ultra sound! I’m thinking of starting a pregnancy blog, hopefully I’m over the worst of the morning sickness but for those of you interested in keeping up to date with my swollen ankles and food cravings I’ll do a regular update! That’s all for now! Love and Kisses Jen, Dom, and our baby bump xxxxxxxx”

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