Jenny Queen Has Her Shows Down To A Science

Jenny Queen updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@jennyqueenmusic) on Monday (May 18), talking about some recent gigs and a visit to Cradle Mountain. The singer songwriter and author writes:

So I’ve kicked out the shows lately. I’ve got it down to a science: put hair up pretty, wiggle into foofy dress (prom dress style, circa 1950), down 1.5 glasses of wine, hop onstage, fight weird sense of vertigo and just go “la-la-la.” I’m shocked at how well this works. I have yet to fall off the stage, forget my lyrics, burst into spontaneous tears, or have one of those little temper snits Ryan Adams is so well known for. I’d love to have one of those, but behaving badly is just so silly. The closest I’ve come to snitting onstage was when Joe, one of my guitarists, started the first set of my launch with the wrong song (dramatically the wrong song). I had that rabbity look, I am sure, but the other guitarist, Bob, mouthed, “just sing,” which turned out to be great advice. After the song, I did sort of mime a NCIS-style head slap at Joe, but that was the long and short of my onstage spack.

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