Jermaine: Jackson Family Is ‘Ready for War’

Speaking to Barbara Walters from Las Vegas, Jermaine Jackson condemned the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office, saying the molestation case against is nothing more than “a personal vendetta” against his brother. He accused prosecutors of making light of the case. “They made a joke of it in their press conference… It’s very disturbing,” he said, adding, “I’m requesting an investigation of the investigators.” Jermaine also said he feels the pursuit of his brother is racially motivated. “They’re a bunch of racist rednecks out there who don’t care about people,” he told Walters. The interview aired Friday on ’20/20′.

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9 thoughts on “Jermaine: Jackson Family Is ‘Ready for War’

  1. rachel says:

    Yeah Jermaine tell them how it is, those stupid redneck devil prosecutors and D.A. So true that D.A. is a jealous mofo, and if America is not f**ked up and racist then tell me why that millionaire Durst who admitted to chopping up his neighbor because he killed him accidentally and was scared to get into trouble just walked. he didn’t receive anything. Huh, Robert Downey does the same amount of drugs as ODB but ODB gets 4 years, Downey gets 6 months and released early. America is the most embarrassing country in the world, it makes me angry, frustrated and @ the same time disgusted with Humans like this.

  2. tazzsgirl says:

    Ok Jermaine your bother MJ stopped being black 15 years ago.One more bleaching he will be a Albino.

  3. Madfan says:

    This is not a racism issue. Michael Jackson is accused of a crime. it’s that plain.

  4. rachel says:

    I am from Atlanta, Georgia dumbass and I am still embarrassed!

  5. tazzsgirl says:

    I wonder if Attorney Mark Geragos is going to use the defense of the Satanic Cult who killed Laci Peterson also molested that poor boy. He’s such a scumbag of a Lawyer.

  6. rachel says:

    okay and so is Kobe and all the Black men convicted falsely right, while the real’, ‘murderers walk because god made them vanilla. gosh not everything is about race but in America everyone makes it that way without even noticing because it is an innate characteristics. You do it and you don’t even notice it, most of my friends are white right, I grew up going to all white schools. They mean no harm but they have discriminatory thinking without consciously knowing it, and is not just white I will straight admit that I will favor a Black man over a white guy any day. I am just saying that is more obvious in the justice system in America.

  7. QueenLambFlops says:

    What do you expect blacks always pull the race card for everything!

  8. DJNY2AI3 says:

    Race could very well play a big part in this case whether you agree with it or not. Yes it is a crime but in this society when its black against white it will always boil down to race no matter what.

  9. FuturePast says:

    Truthfully, I don’t think that a lot of people actually see him as a black man. I think he is seen as a freak of nature, both due to his talent and his eccentricities. I think once he got famous, he transcended as the typical “black man” And to simply put it as a black or white issue isn’t fair to anyone. The kid just might have been molested.

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