Jerry O’Connell Gets Proposal Rejection, Turns To Geri

The New York Post reports that Jerry O’Connell and E! news frontwoman Giuliana split apparently because she turned down his marriage proposal. “Jerry is filming ‘The Winning Season’ in London with right now,” a spy said. “Giuliana went over to see him, and he brought her on set and introduced her to Geri. He kept making fun of Geri and how gross she was the entire time. Then, last Friday, he looks at Giuliana and says, ‘Let’s just get engaged. You can go pick out your ring tomorrow.’ Giuliana was like, ‘Lets just wait until we get to Los Angeles. Why now?’ And Jerry got upset, and they broke up basically because she turned him down.”

After Giuliana returned to Los Angeles, she found out O’Connell and the former Spice Girl were an item. “Geri’s publicist is now saying Giuliana and Jerry broke up in June. And Jerry’s people are blaming her. It’s gross,” the source added.

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