Jerry Reid’s Album Update And Backstreet Boys Insight

Jerry Reid posted an update to fans on his official website forum earlier today. He writes, “Hey Guys. Well what’s up with everyone, I’ve been so so so busy like no other lately. I am in LA right now recording with my boy and we are having a great time, I had a chance to sit in on the Backstreet boys rehearsal the other day and hear some of their new music and it freakin rocks. Aaron [Carter] is also in town and we have been hanging out everyday just like old times (He says Hi). My album is coming along amazing, and I know that you will all love it. I just finished a 3 new songs this week, and will post a few clips on the website very very soon. Thank you all for sticking by me. Be sure to check me out on my upcoming shows with JoJo, and Jordan Knight. See you all soon. Love, Jerry Reid.”

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