Jesca Hoop Checks In From Eels Tour

Jesca Hoop

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jescahoop) on Thursday ( 23), offering a tour update from Philadelphia, where the singer songwriter is appearing in support of Eels and her latest album ‘Hunting My Dress’. Hoop writes:

Arriving in Philadelphia at nighttime… driving from the airport downtown… resembles a view from a futuristic middle earth. They weren’t supposed to build any building higher than old what’s his names hat. They did anyway. I wouldn’t mind it at all if they respected the architects wishes…the old buildings here really have style. If you ever want a delicious store of ole factory delights go to the Terminal Market. I am going there for some spanikopita as soon as I finish writing you. I may compromise my shower even. The EELs surprised the hell out of me. I was not expecting such a performance!! It’s stylish… and humorous and monstrous to list a few of the surprises. The boys are incredibly smart players. E comes off as true wit on stage. Anyhow blah blah. The EELS crowd in Philly was good to me. I’m playing solo you know… It’s a character building task. I must have loads of character building to do given how many times I’ve been asked to do it!! spanikopita calling….

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