Jess Origliasso: Size Zero Advocate Kenneth Tong “Is A Sick Sick Man”

Jessica Origliasso of checked in with her Twitter followers (@Jessicaveronica) on Friday (January 7), talking about former ‘Big Brother’ contestant Kenneth Tong sparking outrage for his promotion of managed anorexia on the micro blogging service. The petite pop singer writes:

Kenneth Tong is the result of an image obsessed culture. He is a sick sick man, but don’t forget the media & music & fashion industry sell us all on the same message as him, through slight less insensitive & harsh languaging, every single day. The point in this is all unacceptable. Young woman should be focused on achieving healthy minds, healthy bodies, and healthy souls. Pray for Kenneth Tong, he is obviously a very disturbed man. Let this be an example to many that it is time for change.

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