Jesse Jackson A No-Show, But Paris Jackson Could Not Be Stopped

Roger Friedman of has more details on Tuesday’s memorial service for Michael Jackson in Los Angeles. The notable no-show at the Staples Center was Reverend Jesse Jackson, who apparently doesn’t get along with Michael’s father Joe.

As for Michael’s 11-year-old daughter Paris Katherine Jackson bringing tears to everyone’s eyes with her heartfelt words to her dad, Friedman says, “Paris could not be stopped. She will be a child who speaks her mind. According to backstage insiders from the Staples, she was very clear about what should be happening at the memorial, too.”

Shaheen Jafargholi Discusses Michael Jackson Memorial Performance

July 8, 2009 – GMTV’s Carla Romano reported on Michael’s star-studded memorial at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and caught up with ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ star Shaheen Jafargholi after his well-received tribute performance of The Jackson 5’s ‘Who’s Lovin You?’.

“Just before I went on to that stage, I stood there and thought to myself, ‘Alright, this is your one opportunity to go on stage and say goodbye to a living legend, and pay your respects in a way that no other person on this earth could ever do’,” Jafargholi explained. “So I’m incredibly thankful and feel lucky about that.” Video of the report at YouTube has since been removed.

Michael Jackson Memorial Recap On Hollywood 411

July 8, 2009 – TV Guide Channel’s Hollywood 411 looked back at the memorial and tribute to Michael. Part one includes recollections from Magic Johnson, Brooke Shields and Berry Gordy, as well as Jennifer Hudson’s performance and daughter Paris’ speech. Part two features footage from outside the Staples Center and highlights of Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz’ rendition of ‘I’ll Be There’. Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Bill O’Reilly Fed Up With Michael Jackson Adulation

July 8, 2009 – Bill O’Reilly took on the attention and media coverage granted in covering the Michael memorial on Tuesday’s ‘O’Reilly Factor’. Bill said during his ‘Talking Points’ segment he was “fed up with the adulation” and “phony platitudes” of the Staples Center event. “This illustrates just how crazy the USA is becoming,” O’Reilly said. A cowardly media will exploit any event for ratings.” The video has since been removed.

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