Jesse McCartney Discusses His ‘Corny And Cheesy’ JDate Profile spoke with in a Q&A, where they asked the 21-year-old, who recently split with Katie Cassidy, about reports he was looking for love online on the Jewish singles network “My buddy and I were watching Sunday night football and we were loungin’ and this couple came over and I asked them where they met and he said ‘JDate’ and I’d never heard of it but it was a dating website,” he explained. “I was in a slap-happy mood and my buddy and I went on JDate and created a profile, because it definitely shows your true colors. I decided that I don’t look that good on paper! I wanted to get through it and fill out a whole profile based on myself and it ended up kind of corny and cheesy and we put it up as a joke and it became this media frenzy. I don’t plan on finding the love of my life online. I’m already too awkward.” The complete transcript at has since been removed.

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3 thoughts on “Jesse McCartney Discusses His ‘Corny And Cheesy’ JDate Profile

  1. CROLINE says:

    I hope you see this mail because I love you and I hope you
    answer my=)=)=) I wish you to my boyfriend=) and I hope you be
    to and I hope it will be us some day <3 and I hope I moving
    with you in Los Angeles <3 <3 <3 and I hope we get children
    together=) because is only you so I want have children with
    and I hope I get answer on my fan letter so I have send to you
    because I wish that so so so so much <3 love from a big fan
    one of you biggest fan=)=)=) know you don’t may answer y’all
    of you fans but I understand and I hope you want have my MSN
    but you most want it before I give my MSN.. .. .. hope you
    get this mail.. I have work so hard with it=) love you so

  2. CROLINE says:

    I am 20 year old anyway.. hope you not think I am crazy but
    I am crazy in love with you

  3. witney says:

    I am crazy in love with Jesse but there’s one probably I’m only 16 but trust me I will rock his world ………….AND HIS BED <3 LOVE YA

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