Jesse McCartney ‘How Do You Sleep’ Video Ft. Ludacris

Jesse McCartney is out with the music video to his new single ‘How Do You Sleep’, featuring Ludacris, off the former member’s ‘Departure’ re-release ‘Departure: Recharged’, in stores April 7th and on iTunes via Hollywood Records. The new release includes ‘How Do You Sleep’ featuring Ludacris plus 4 new songs and all new photos. Watch the video via YouTube below.

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7 thoughts on “Jesse McCartney ‘How Do You Sleep’ Video Ft. Ludacris

  1. dalesha says:

    I love Jesse McCartney he is so gorgeous and I love how do you sleep I listen to that all the time its over is a good song because it reminds me of a relationship I’ve been in and once again I love you Jesse McCartney!!!!!!! lol

  2. kacy-ann says:

    I love this song it reminds me of my boo

  3. kacy-ann says:

    I love your lips Jesse….. they’re so sexy

  4. kacy-ann says:

    I love you so much Jesse, a wanna let you know. I’ll always will.

  5. kacy-ann says:

    Hi babes what’s up?

  6. Yazzy says:

    he is so hot, and I love his new song its the best

  7. reyhan says:

    OMG JESSE you are the fu**ingg sexiest person alive I would fu**en die for you..

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