Jesse McCartney Visits Kyle And Jackie O. Show

visited Kyle and Jackie O. on Austereo the other day in Sydney. He talked about the success of his music, being able to legally drink in Australia since he just turned 18, his ideal woman — Jesse complained that the “high maintenance” girls in Los Angeles “are so hard to deal with it’s ridiculous, you just want to slap them around”, his prom, and more. Jesse then took some phone calls from fans, one bold enough to ask if he had ever been attracted to another guy, prompting McCartney to quickly insist he never had been and “I’m not a homosexual”, she then said if she had to date another guy, who would it be — he finally spit out Johnny Depp. They then joked about Kyle admitting to Jackie that he earlier had said Jesse would be a guy he’d want to date, not knowing Jackie would share this with the teen idol. The interview wrapped up with a male caller joking that he had a girl’s name, prompting Jesse to recall how he would be turned to tears in grade school when kids called him “Jessica”. The interview at has since been removed.

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