Jessica And Ashlee Simpson On ET Friday

Entertainment Tonight showed who will be on tomorrow night’s episode and they showed highlights of Christmas shopping with her sister Ashlee Simpson. Jess will talk about being newly married to 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey and what she thinks about having kids.

On ‘School’s Out Christmas’

October 31, 2002 – Contributed by leftofcenter:

Ashlee Simpson, sister of pop princess Jessica Simpson, appears on a Christmas album called ‘School’s Out Christmas.’ She sings a song called ‘Christmas Past, Present And Future’ which is track 12. This is Ashlee’s first publicly released recording.

Ashlee Simpson Is Kinda Punk, Jessica Is Sade Meets Jewel

October 20, 2002 – A fan posted a transcript for Ashlee Simpson’s recent interview with Ramiro on the official message board. Ashlee told Ramiro that besides her acting gig on ‘7th Heaven’, she wants to sing like her sister, except of the “punk” genre. “It’s not like hard core, but it’s like punk like rock kinda of thing,” she explained. Asked if she gives Jessica’s fiance Nick Lachey a hard time for singing pop, Ashlee said, “No, no, I don’t make fun, actually, um, their new music, both of them, is like, really really good and I am really impressed. It’s not like, um, uh. Jessica’s music is amazing, it’s got this whole like, new turn to it. It’s like, Gosh I can’t even explain it, but it’s almost like it’s almost like, Sade meets Jewel or something, it’s really beautiful.”

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