Jessica & Ashlee Simpson Introduce Liquid Ice Breath Mints

and introduced Ice Breakers new Liquid Ice Breath Mints on Monday (May 17) at Milk Studios in New York City. Check out pictures from FilmMagic (page1 / page2) and GettyImages.

Jessica Simpson’s Nightclub Nightmare

May 19, 2004 – and her sister Ashlee Simpson are the new spokespersons for Ice Breakers Breath Mints and at the press conference for their new commercial Jessica was breaking news about a recent nightclub incident. “I did have a run-in with a bouncer at an LA nightclub because he was doing something that wasn’t very nice to somebody who was in my entourage,” Jessica told Access Hollywood.

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7 thoughts on “Jessica & Ashlee Simpson Introduce Liquid Ice Breath Mints

  1. weebongo says:

    Jessica is doing endorsements for so many things it’s tough to keep count now. She’s even blowing Britney and Beyonce away when it comes to that. It all started with that Chicken of The Sea comment and people making jokes how she should be a spokesperson for them. Jessica did a mastermind job of taking the jokes and turning them into tens of millions.

  2. MegoLego says:

    I seriously think that Ashlee looks like a Hilton and doesn’t look anything like Jessica

  3. Aphoto says:

    It’s not the quanity of endorsements that a celeb does, but the amount of money that they get for and quality of said endorsements. Jessica is probably getting no where near as much as Britney and Beyonce (hence, she would have to endorse more then both of them). Britney receive 100 million dollars from her Pepsi endorsement and I’m almost sure that Beyonce’s pay check was up there as well. So both Britney and Beyonce can be selective in their endorsement deals. The US is notorious for short changing celebrities with endorsement deals (UNLESS, it’s a HUGE corporation and if they are an A-list celebrity, like Beyonce and Britney, once upon a time). That is the reason so many celebrities go overseas to do endorsement. That and they would NEVER have their ‘image’ be associated with any product.

  4. weebongo says:

    I think you meant 10 million for Britney’s deal with Pepsi. Yeah Jessica probably isn’t in a position yet to demand that much money but she must have gotten paid somewhere in the millions for her Pizza Hut adds. She’s done a number of them already. She could have also have gotten multi millions for being the spokesperson for the Dessert Collection at Sophora. Their even put adds for it in the re-release of ITS. Jessica is close to becoming an A-list celebrity if she already isn’t one everything she’s done recently has been successful from her TV shows to her music.

  5. Damack says:

    Jessica is not the spokesperson for the Sephora line, she was the creator of that’, ‘line and that’s why they have to put all the promotion on her shoulders, because it all depends on her whether the line sells or not.

  6. PandaBear2003 says:

    Too bad Chicken of the Sea REFUSES to pay her to endorse their product for fear she’ll RUIN sales NOT HELP THEM!

  7. PandaBear2003 says:

    Jessica got 1-2 million for Desserts and I have NOT heard her getting ONE MILLION for Pizza hut and it’s been TWO commercials not a ton. she STILL owes SONY 3 million AND since NICK did desserts with her HE gets half that money. Maybe next time brain Joe will NOT Put Nick into the ads for HER stuff.

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