Jessica Harp & Michelle Branch Excited For ’05

Jessica Harp and posted a message on The Wreckers official forum previewing the new year and their search for bandmates. “Greetings from Nashvegas,” Harp wrote. “ everyone had a fabulous New Year’s Eve! I know I’m excited for 2005! We’re getting ready to put our band together, which makes me very happy. Know why? Cause that means we get to go out and play! So, I just wanted to say howdy. I need to go figure out what’s for dinner. Living alone is so boring. I need a cat. Or a husband. I think Branchie’s got it figured out.” Branch then responded, “I just have to say, even though I have cats and I am married… I still don’t know what the hell I am gonna eat for dinner! I am just as excited as you are Jess. Now let’s pray these guys (and gal) meet our standard for being a part of The Wreckers:
A. Be devistatingly handsome (the guys only of course) B. Know how to play (that helps)
C. Not talk too much
D. Drink Budweiser
E. Love Patty Griffin”

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