Jessica Simpson 10:1 Odds To Pose Nude In 2002

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This month’s STUFF magazine gives odds on which stars they think will pose nude by the end of 2002. Here are the results:

Jennifer Anniston 12:1
Halle Berry 12:1

Jessica Simpson’s Colorist Explains Brunette Switch

January 13, 2002 – US Weekly spoke with Jessica Simpson’s colorist, Rita Hazan of New York’s Oribe Salon, who explained the reasoning behind Jessica’s move to switch from blonde to brunette recently. Hazan said, “Jessica looks more mature and less like a kid on the beach. It also helps to differentiate her from all the other young blonde singers.” As for Jessica, she explained the switch saying, “I’ve been blonde all my life, and I decided one day that I wanted to do something different and go brunette.”

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4 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson 10:1 Odds To Pose Nude In 2002

  1. famefan says:

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised! Jessica Simpson has already contradicted ever stand she ever took on innocence and modesty by posing half naked in men’s magazines, singing sexually suggestive lyrics, and bumping and grinding up against her male dancers (and male audience members) at her shows. She even ‘dumped’ her so called ‘love of her life’ for the sake of her career claiming “I need to focus on me right now.”

    If it would make her one dollar and buy her one more minute in the spotlight she would pose nude in a second. Just wait and see.

    For all of you who think ‘she would never do that’ weren’t you the ones who thought the same thing just before FHM came out? Weren’t you also the same ones who didn’t believe it was really Jessica in those raunchy FHM pictures until Jessica said it was?

    Some people will do anything to get attention and since singing and dancing haven’t worked for Jessica I guess nudity is her last resort.

    But when Jessica does it you will all call Playboy an art book!

  2. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    If you never bought into her so-called “innocent” look then why where you so shocked when you saw her pose in the risky photos?, What makes her doing it different from just any other woman in her 20’s?

    You must be some faggot anyway to have so many objections with her adult image!

  3. britnickjessjustin says:

    first of all … name calling is so lame … don’t call people fa**ots … that is just wrong.

    second of all … i think if Jessica posed for playboy her brainwashed followers would still be fans. I would not be surprised simply because she doesn’t surprise me any more. But I am not morally opposed to it … i (a twenty something year old heterosexual woman) have looked at playboy and some of the layouts are nice, classy, etc. Nudity does not have to be raunchy.

    But if her father were in the room with her while doing the layouts and if her mother were chosing her g-string, well … i would think that was GROSS!

  4. famefan says:

    Let me see if I understand you SoSoDef (whatever language that is?) – people with morals are fa**ots? People who respect women and therefore don’t need to see them degrade themselves for a few dollars in a magazine are fa**ots? People who actually live good lives and don’t just say they do to sell CD’s are fa**ots?

    I guess I shouldn’t judge you too harshly because with your limited mentality and closed minded view of the world (and limited vocabulary too) I guess the only time you can get close to a woman is when she is a picture in a skin magazine.

    In that case watch out for those paper cuts on your next date!

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